The CEOE denounces that only one in four euros of European funds has reached companies

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The execution of the
european funds
not progressing at the expected rate. The cruising speed with which the Government hoped to start this 2022 is diluted in light of the data that is becoming known. Data, moreover, that have not been made public but are due to private calculations: only one in four euros have actually reached companies.

“According to the calculations carried out, based on the budget execution data of the General State Intervention (IGAE), only
executed funds
in a real way for a value of 805 million euros of the almost 3,000 million that the State manages directly. In other words, only 27% of the total received from Brussels has reached the productive fabric, ”says the second monitoring report on community money prepared by the CEOE.

A hard blow for the Executive in view of the slow deployment suffered by the investments of the recovery plan.

This being the case, the employers pull the ears of the Government for the lack of transparency that has been dragging on for months. «The Government does not offer data on the final spending of the funds that reaches the companies
from the month of August 2021
. Then, only 104 of the 5,000 million committed (2% of the total) had reached the companies, ”says the organization.

The report insists on the need to launch projects that actually have a transformative approach to the economy. All of this "to avoid a second 'Plan E'" as occurred under the government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. Among other things, it is claimed to accelerate the execution and start-up of the Perte, such as the electric vehicle.

Likewise, it is also pointed out that the design of some calls makes it difficult for SMEs and the self-employed to access funds;
a host of requirements and bureaucracy
which means that a good part of the productive fabric is, 'de facto', excluded from European funds. “It is especially important that the bureaucratic burden is minimal and the deadlines for the presentation of projects are reasonable and realistic”, indicates the CEOE.

Entrepreneurs have also taken advantage of the document to emphasize that in some cases the provisions of the recovery plan are not being fulfilled. "We observe with concern the subsequent modification of reforms already approved, and that respond to milestones agreed with Brussels, without consensus and distorting the commitments made," warns the report, which gives as an example the labor reform and the changes introduced in the framework of the national plan of response to the war in Ukraine. And a call is made to strengthen social dialogue this 2022, thinking about reforms that are pending such as those of the self-employed, employment plans, the employment law or tax reform.

Beyond this, businessmen focus on once again demanding a tax reduction from the Executive. They line up with
Núñez Feijóo's plan
to ask La Moncloa for a tax cut, although Pedro Sánchez is reluctant to go that route. “It must be a priority for Spain to incorporate a tax cut and promote tax incentives charged to European funds, especially in economic times like the current one, in line with what is included in the plans of countries such as France, Portugal, Denmark, Austria, Italy or Sweden, ”says the employers. To undertake this, the CEOE proposes that the additional 4,000 million that Spain will foreseeably receive in non-reimbursable transfers for not having yet recovered the pre-pandemic GDP, as well as part of the funds not yet executed, could be allocated.

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