The CEOE asks that companies pay less quotes and Societies the first years

The CEOE asks that companies pay less quotes and Societies the first years


«Political instability, the lack of budgetary discipline, the abandonment of the process of structural reforms and the bankruptcy of the market unit are the main risks that can accelerate the deceleration that the Spanish economy has started ». It is the main reflection included in a document approved today by the CEOE to which has had access ABC which includes a battery of proposals for the new government that comes out of the polls. The employers demand that the deficit targets be met, that the State spend less, that taxes be reduced to companies and that the labor reform not be reversed. It also calls for the pension reform to be addressed and among its measures highlights that the retirement age increase to the same extent in what life expectancy does.

Taxation that contributes to growth

The employers demand that the business tax burden in Spain be reduced. Ask that they be fixed reduced types both in the corporate tax and in the Social Security contributions in the first years of activity, «to favor new business initiatives».

In general, it demands for the companies the "adequacy" of the Corporation tax "to the real capacity of the companies considered interannually, eliminating the limitations in the compensation of losses or the deduction of financial expenses". It also demands that the cases of double taxation, both domestic and foreign, be completely corrected by means of the total exemption of dividends and capital gains.

The business organization directed by Antonio Garamendi also calls for Reduction of marginal types of income tax and raise the threshold from which they are applied, eliminate the tax on the Patrimony and undertake a discount of quotes.

It does not overlook the creation of new tax figures. "Must avoid introducing new tax figures, only justified by media impact and not for reasons of efficiency of the general interest ». They bet on urgently coordinating state, regional and local tax policies, combating the underground economy and "reducing excessive tax litigation.

Labor reforms

Companies warn that the economy and employment have entered a phase of slowdown. Among its proposals is to reduce the existing duality between temporary and indefinite hiring, without penalizing temporary hiring and improve part-time hiring. They also ask reduce administrative burdens and lower work expenses.

They expressly demand that the new government not reverse the labor market reform. The CEOE is in favor of maintaining the cessation of ultra-activity of the agreements; the priority of the company agreement and the regulation of the non-application of the conditions agreed in the agreement, as central axes of collective bargaining. They are precisely the measures that the Government of Sánchez wants to suppress; it has not done so because it has not found support from opposition groups and if it had done so by decree it would not have been able to validate it.

Sustainability of pensions

The business organization wants a generalized reduction of contributions to the Social Security, for that reason it demands that the contributory benefits and their financing with contributions be determined "clearly and clearly"; and that the State assumes the rest of the system's expenses.

To guarantee the sustainability of the public system, they bet on "the increase in the retirement age as life expectancy does". They believe that there is room to optimize Social Security expenses with a efficient management of the benefits of medical leave through "the improvement of the mechanisms of follow-up, control and evaluation of the absenteeism» They are also in favor of introducing "fiscal incentives and greater transparency and availability".

Market unit

The employers remind the new Government that it is necessary «Legislate less, legislate more», Are in favor of an improvement of« legal technique »in the drafting of standards and that the normative coordination between administrations is guaranteed and the elimination of barriers between regions. For this purpose, it proposes to advance the Market Unit Guarantee Law.


CEOE requests that the figure of the dual training in the companies. The new government is asked to regulate vocational training "more linked to production and employment", promote innovation and entrepreneurship and create "tax deductions for compulsory education".

Infrastructures and R + D + i

The business organization considers that Spain needs a investment of almost 114,000 million to build infrastructures (transport, logistics, environmental and water) and claims that in the next four years the R & D + i items will be increased up to 1% of GDP (currently stands at 0.54%).


"Effective" subsidies such as «Necessary tax relief» for domestic employment and the "neutral tax treatment for the second family breadwinner". Entrepreneurs want to advance in the rationalization of time.


State Pact for Health that takes into account the real regional needs and their influence in the whole of the State, besides betting on public-private formulas and decrease the sanitary VAT of 21% to the super reduced.


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