March 4, 2021

The CEOE advocates a stable government even if it is necessary to repeat elections

The president of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, has underlined on Thursday the need for Spain to have a stable government even if that happens by repeating elections.

Garamendi has made these statements after his first meeting as president of the employers in which it has been approved to double the number of vice-presidencies, up to ten, with the aim of raising the female presence in the organization.

Although already during his speech before the members of the CEOE, Garamendi has asked the political class "responsibility, stability and moderation", has been in the subsequent statements to the media when he has pointed to the possibility that a new election could come out a more stable government.

"If there is no capacity for an agreement, if there are elections, the polls say that things will become clearer, as it is better to wait until November and have a quieter country than a more unstable one in the short term," he said.

During his speech in the assembly, Garamendi has insisted on the need to have a stable and homogeneous regulatory framework for all companies, also in regulated sectors such as electricity.

"That demands are equated to companies in regulated sectors with others," he asked.

He has also criticized the bad regulation "based on real decrees" instead of within the social dialogue and has set as an example the time register that, in his opinion, would have come out better from a negotiating table between employers and unions.

He has also expressed concern about taxation "as another way to break the competitiveness of companies", and the public deficit and lack of efficiency in the Administration.

Garamendi has called on Spaniards to "trust in companies" and has identified as the three major business challenges globalization, digitalization, and green transition, a point this last one in which he has asked to address the changes "without demagogy" and has claimed the role of companies to "measure and manage".

"We have a great country, and the best people in the country, the challenge is to put it where you have to put it," he concluded.

The Assembly of the CEOE has approved this Thursday to double the number of vice-presidencies, up to 10, with the aim of balancing the presence of women with men in the positions of responsibility, while it has given the go-ahead to a rise in the quotas that the partners pay 1.2%.

In addition, employers have approved a series of statutory changes that also allow an increase in the number of members of the executive committee, up to 55 (not including presidents and vice presidents), and those of the board of directors, up to 255.

The assembly of the CEOE has also given the green light to an increase of 1.2% of the fee paid by its full partners, which had been frozen for a decade, and that this year will amount to 9,515 euros per vowel per year.

In this way, revenues from the organizations' quotas will grow by 4%, to 6.2 million euros, which will be added to the 5.1 million euros directly contributed by the companies (5% more), as well as One million euros more from other income.

The organization foresees a net profit of 147,000 euros in 2019, above the 122,000 achieved in 2018.


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