The CEO of Coca-Cola refuses to add cannabis until it is "legal" and "safe"

The CEO and future president of Coca Cola, James Quincey, today ruled out entering the cannabis business or adding to its products cannabidiol (CBD), a derivative, until it is "legal, safe and consumable."

In an interview for the US network CNBC, Quincey explained that there is no scientific consensus on this matter and that in the case of Coca Cola, "as a large consumer company, consumers expect us to be safe."

Quincey made the remarks after several competitors in the beverage industry, such as Pepsi or the maker of Corona beers, have focused on the marijuana industry.

The CEO, who will be named president of the company in 2019, also considered that the pace of agreements that the company has maintained in 2018 - with the acquisition of 5.100 million dollars from the British coffee chain Costa as one of the main ones - does not may continue in 2019

"We have to absorb the investments we have made in 2018, but experience tells us that it is not done at that rate," Quincey explained.

The acquisition of Costa will give access to more than 3,800 stores worldwide, as well as entry into the retail sector, although according to the top executive his priority will be the coffee business and not so much the trade, where McDonald's is a serious competitor.


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