The century of Juan Eduardo Zúñiga | Babelia

The century of Juan Eduardo Zúñiga | Babelia

Juan Eduardo Zúñiga, the great living master of the contemporary Spanish story, looks out at 100 years old. He meets them on January 24th. Juan Cruz makes a choral portrait of the author from Madrid and Luis Mateo Díez writes about his literary universe. Further, Babelia offers the first pages of the book Total useless, a work of autobiographical dyes self-published in 1951, never reissued since then and which Cátedra will soon rescue along with The coral and the waters, another one of the novels of the author of The trilogy of civil war.

Babelia also offers tomorrow the literary criticism of the latest editorial launches, among which are a new edition of Speech of the method, of Descartes, and the latest books by María Gainza, Gregorio Casamayor or Eva Baltasar.

This week's issue is completed by an article by Diego A. Manrique on the release of a disc and a DVD about the concert that Camarón de la Isla and Tomatito offered in 1991 at the Montreux festival, and Antonio's usual cultural chronicle. Muñoz Molina, who this week is dedicated to the memoirs of Jorge Edwars.


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