Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

The Census sends its first card to Yéremi Vargas, who has disappeared since 2007

The Census sends its first card to Yéremi Vargas, who has disappeared since 2007

The National Institute of Statistics (INE) has sent its first census card to Yéremi Vargas, the child of Vecindario (Gran Canaria), of whom there is no news since he disappeared twelve years ago, on March 10, 2007, as revealed by his mother, Ithaisa Suárez.

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Yéremi's mother has posted on her Facebook account the census card she has received at her home with information on where the boy will vote on April 28, given that he is already of legal age (he disappeared with seven years).

"Arriving at my mother's house and seeing that they leave this in the mailbox caused me to fall down yesterday, I feel so helpless," writes Suarez, next to the photo of Yéremi's census card.

"See that his things arrive as if he were here and it can not be ...", adds the mother, who wonders why "a damn thing ruined everything" and confesses, anguished, that she does not see an exit.

These words of Ithaisa Suárez on social networks have elicited all kinds of comments, some of them outraged with the cruelty they perceive in that letter from the Census Bureau.

Yéremi's mother has answered all of them a few hours later, with another message in which she clarifies that she is not upset.

"I am not angry because the electoral census sent the letter, we understand that the child, while not being dismissed as deceased, will continue to appear in such things, what he has given me is a lot of pain and impotence. letter, but for the unfair thing that I think that Yeri is not here, "he explains.

Ithaisa Suárez laments that on April 28, her son is not with her to go to vote "and be happy", because "that monster decided so", "a monster that will come out very soon".

The Vargas-Suárez family has said on several occasions that they are convinced that the person responsible for the disappearance of their son is Antonio Ojeda, "El Rubio", a prisoner who is currently serving a sentence for sexual assault on a minor.

For the Civil Guard, Ojeda is the main suspect, but the court that deals with the case has ruled that there is no evidence to incriminate him in the disappearance and alleged death of Yéremi.

"I feel so bad and helpless that I can not explain it, these last few months have been very hard, I would like to tell you everything we have had to go through but I still can not tell you. I had to stay strong even when I fell apart, "says the mother of the child of Vecindario, who today would be 19 years old.


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