April 23, 2021

The cement is also beautiful




They have Rafael Amargo as the image of the company and their materials carry the “made in Spain” for all the countries in which they are sold. «When we arrived in Italy, for example, they told us that if we mark that the product was manufactured there, it would sell more easily and give more confidence, but we have never wanted to access this. We have always taken the Spain brand where we go with a lot of pride, ”he says Carolina Valenciaco-founder of Cement Design, company specialized in the manufacture, installation and distribution of decorative continuous coatings.

Twelve years ago, at the beginning of the economic crisis, she and her husband, who already had a family business dedicated to the construction sector, realized that the only way to get around the adverse situation was to renew. “We started with cement and then we specialized in a single product, we made it newer and spent a lot of time researching,” says Valencia.

For this Colombian, resident in Spain for two decades, it was not difficult pull energy even though everything was paralyzed. «I said to my husband:“ Nothing happens. I come from a country where we are in crisis since I was born, ”» he says.

«We have always taken the Spain brand where we go with great pride»

The bet was risky, but it went well. In 2018 they invoiced 27 million euros (just over 21 of them abroad) and have delegations in more than 40 countries. Only at its headquarters, located in Getafe (Madrid) employ 65 people and nationwide have a team of more than 500 professionals.

Its coatings, of minimum thickness and great flexibility, adhere to any surface, so they act as a second skin of the original material. They have a letter of more than 120 colors and a huge variety of textures. The main advantage is that they allow renovate spaces quickly, no need to chop and debris. The company also cares about the environmental respect in all its processes, as demonstrated by the Emicode badge, which guarantees a very low emission of volatile organic compounds in building materials.

Their clients are very varied, from individuals who want to modernize some part of the house without getting into cumbersome works to large multinationals looking to create inspiring stays. They have worked with brands such as Starbucks, Coca-Cola or Samsung, with retail giants, such as the Inditex group or Carolina Herrera, have hired their services hotels like Ushuaia de Ibiza and have covered spaces such as the Street-XO of Dabiz Muñoz in Madrid and London. “All are equally important, from the person who comes to change their bathroom to a very prominent hotel chain,” says Carolina Valencia.

Link with art

The malleability of its materials has made artists, sculptors and artisans put their eyes on the company. “We do many collaborations with art because we love it,” says the company’s co-founder.

The artist FelipaoFor example, he turned to decorative cement for his meninas 2.0. The sculptor dEmo, author of the Frog of Fortune of the Plaza de Colón in Madrid, made some decorative pieces, “Elephants of good luck”, handcrafted with this material for Cement Home, Cement Design brand that integrates home decor objects Designed by renowned artists. For other market segments they also have their own brands, such as Microfloor Europe, focused on microcement for wholesalers or Panelcret, specializing in decorative panels with mineral coating.

The firm does not put a ceiling. Last year and during 2019 they have given the jump to Asia, specifically, to China and India. «Entering the Chinese market is an important challenge because it is a very large country and you have to find the right partner. We have found a good team there and our challenge is to be able to train them well, that they fully know how our material works and how it applies, ”says Carolina Valencia.


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