October 28, 2020

The CEIM president encourages bars to put pressure on the government: It is what works

The president of the Madrid employers’ association CEIM, Miguel Garrido, has encouraged bars and restaurants to put “a lot of pressure” on the Executive of Pedro Sánchez to resume business because “this is a government sensitive to pressure, and that is what works” .

Garrido, who made these considerations at the first summit “New normality in Horeca”, held “online” this Monday and organized by Aplus Gastromarketing and Facyre, stressed that the Government has shown itself to be sensitive to pressure, “it was with the cinema and with car dealers “so now it is time to” put pressure “on the hospitality community, which is” extremely important from the economic and social point of view “.

The president of CEIM and vice-president of CEOE has given the example of the president of the Federation of Associations of Autonomous Workers (ATA), Lorenzo Amor, who has been “giving cane” from the first day: “I was getting one thing and more cane” and That is what counts for this Executive, he has insisted.

Garrido explained that the relationship with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism is “excellent” but in the end the decision-makers are the Ministries of Health and Labor, “with which the dialogue is infinitely more difficult.”

The head of CEIM has recognized that on June 30 the hospitality sector, airlines, businesses linked to tourism are not going to be at one hundred percent of their capacity and that is why it is necessary to do “a lot of pressure” because “the People are very sensitive to the problem you have. Bars, restaurants and cafes are part of all of us. “

Garrido has called to “take advantage” of the moment and has guaranteed his support as president of Madrid’s businessmen. “I will be by your side,” he asserted.


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