Sun. Feb 24th, 2019

The CDR agree to lift the cut of the AP-7 at the height of Ampolla

Los CDR acuerdan levantar el corte de la AP-7 a la altura de Ampolla

The hundred of members of the CDR that have cut the AP-7 at the height of the Ampolla for more than 15 hours have agreed with the interlocution service of the Mossos to lift the blockade before midnight, according to sources close to the concentrates.

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Around seven in the morning, a group of people have cut this way to demand the release of the prisoners and for the implementation of the republic. The traffic has been interrupted in both directions of the march since then and the vehicles have been diverted by the N-340. During the protest there were moments of tension between a group of the CDRs and the unemployed drivers.

Throughout the day, the Mossos have not tried to dislodge the concentrates, located on the roadway of the highway. Despite having decided in assembly that they would spend the night on the highway, the demonstrators have finally agreed with negotiators from the Catalan police who would leave before midnight. As the ACN has learned, the protesters are withdrawing.

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