The CCOO leader asks PSOE and United We can "prudence" so as not to precipitate the progressive government

"Prudence" because the stake is too high. That has been the message of the leader of the Workers' Commissions, Unai Sordo, to the parties that make up the coalition government in a moment of full tension between the parties. Sordo has been re-elected this Saturday as general secretary of the union for another term and has warned of some of the most important challenges facing Spanish society, such as the rise of the extreme right. In this context, Sordo has demanded that progressive groups listen and think about the problems of the people. "Beware of the experience of the electoral repetition and what happened with the irruption of the extreme right for playing the fool," he warned.

United We can denounce Batet for prevarication and the government coalition enters a serious crisis

United We can denounce Batet for prevarication and the government coalition enters a serious crisis

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The 12th Confederal Congress of CCOO has been marked by the new open conflict in the government coalition, which intensified last night with the announcement of a complaint from United We Can to the president of the Congress of Deputies, Meritxell Batet, for prevarication, before his decision to suspend Alberto Rodríguez as a member of parliament for his conviction for hitting a policeman in 2014.

The complaint against Batet, who has received the support of the PSOE for his actions, came after President Pedro Sánchez confirmed at the beginning of Friday afternoon the landing of Nadia Calviño to lead the negotiation of the labor reform, after five months of social dialogue of the Ministry directed by Yolanda Díaz. The Socialists now defend that it is a very important reform, which affects "five ministries": Economy, Labor, Finance, Social Security and Education. All headed by socialist ministers except Labor.

Right at the CCOO congress, on Thursday, Vice President Nadia Calviño had given the first clue of this movement of the socialist wing of the Government, although at that time it sounded like a habitual scuffle of Economy and Labor. Calviño pointed out that the negotiation of the labor reform was about to begin and reduced the months of Labor negotiations with unions and employers to "preliminary contacts."

This Saturday, it was the moment of Yolanda Díaz, who reiterated before an audience rendered to the Minister of Labor that will repeal the PP labor reform "despite all resistance", with clear references to Nadia Calviño in her speech.

"Beware of playing with fire"

Unai Sordo has sent several messages to the Government. In the first place, the two parties that comprise it have been asked "prudence" and "tranquility" to ensure the future of the Executive and, above all, a government action with a progressive agenda. "We need governments of progress and seriousness when it comes to managing things that happen. Beware of playing with fire. Beware of precipitating accelerated ends of legislatures. Beware of the experience of electoral repetition and what happened with the irruption of the extreme right for playing the fool, "he has warned PSOE and United We Can.

"Prudence. Prudence. Peace of mind, that there are more days than longanizas. But action, but concrete measures. But go from rhetoric to facts"; has warned as a second message to the Government: the union supports a continuity of this coalition Government, not per se, but because of the progressive policies that it can carry out for the benefit of society.

"Stop fighting over stories, because stories between politicians who do not make ends meet enter one ear and leave the other. They piss him off and even put him in a position to endorse policies contrary to their objective interests. Therefore, prudence, wisdom and action ", the union leader has summarized.

Two messages to Nadia Calviño (and the PSOE)

The third message has been addressed directly to the first vice president of the Government, Nadia Calviño, who intends to lead the negotiation on the labor reform from now on. In reality, he has dedicated two errands to him, one personal and the other socialist wing of the Executive that wants to negotiate the renewal of labor legislation with a new dialogue scheme with various ministries.

The first: that the labor reform has already been negotiated for months. "It cannot be said in this country that the labor reform is in a preliminary phase. It means losing respect for the social dialogue table," said Sordo.

The second message, the CCOO leader, has launched right at the end of his closing speech in the Confederal Congress. "The mobilization scenario cannot be ruled out, we are not going to allow to leave the negotiation is borage water," he warned. Sordo has stressed that "the will to dialogue, all", as well as the intention to "carry out the commitments", but has warned that the Government will find CCOO (and has assumed that UGT) in the streets if the reform is not repealed. labor, as the coalition agreed at the beginning of its mandate.

The leader of the country's largest union renewed the CCOO leadership this Saturday, with some new faces and other officials who repeat leadership. Sordo has highlighted the challenges facing the organization in this new mandate, among which he has underlined the need to combat inequality, which has escalated even more due to the pandemic crisis, and face the challenges of the 21st century, such as digitization and the ecological transition, from the point of view of guaranteeing the rights of workers. "At this crossroads we have to understand the union action of the future," he stressed.


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