August 4, 2021

The CCO 7 Palmas points to the island derby against Sayre

Miranda, a Sayre player, executes a shot before the blocking of two CCO 7 Palmas players, yesterday at the CID.  |  |  CV SAYRE

Miranda, a Sayre player, executes a shot before the blocking of two CCO 7 Palmas players, yesterday at the CID. | | CV SAYRE

The CCO 7 Palmas achieved victory in the Gran Canaria derby of the Iberdrola Women’s Volleyball League, after beating Sayre CC La Ballena 1-3. In this way, the team led by Pascual Saurín added its third consecutive victory and continues at the top of the table. His rival, for his part, remain in the lower zone of the classification. Victoria Foucher, the author of 18 points, was the top scorer.

The first set started very evenly until CCO 7 Palmas gained a two-point lead (5-7). The locals responded, but Pascual Saurín’s team extended the distance to three points (7-10), which caused Sayrepidis time out. The pause did not seem to have an effect for the locals, who saw their opponent’s advantage expand to six points (9-15), with which Alberto Rodríguez asked for a new break. The script did not change excessively, but despite this the visitors requested a timeout in the absence of four points to take the game (16-21). Sayre gave him excitement by chaining four points, but in the end Pascual Saurín’s team added the first game (21-25).

Tie to one

The second game began with feelings similar to the previous one. Tied on the scoreboard (3-3) until the locals marked distance by chaining three points, which is why the CCO 7 Palmas requested time-out (8-4). After the break there was an immediate reaction from the visitors (8-8), followed by another four points in the chain of Sayre CC La Ballena (12-8).

The visitors tried to take the reins of the game again, but Saurín called a time-out with his team being four points behind (16-12). Sayre CC La Ballena continued with a firm step, achieving a maximum advantage of eight points (22-14), followed by three points in a row from the visitors, which led Alberto Rodríguez to request a break. In the end the course of the game did not change and it came one on one (25-20).

Much equality in the third game. Both teams alternated command until CV CCO 7 Palmas took advantage, linking four points (8-12). The game continued to be a constant give and take by both teams until the visitors chained three points that caused a time-out by Sayre CC La Ballena (16-19). The visiting team continued its good work and won its second game with force (18-25).

The CCO 7 Palmas began the fourth sleeve aware that it could be the decisive one. It was a good start for Pascual Saurín’s team (0-3), but the local team responded to equalize (4-4). CV CCO 7 Palmas returned to the charge and after obtaining a three-point lead (5-8), Alberto Rodríguez called a time-out. The visitors from the break came out strong (7-12), but Sayre CC La Ballena closed the gap with three consecutive points (10-12). The locals tried to get closer to their rivals to avoid defeat, but it was not possible (18-25).


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