August 3, 2021

The CCAA will decide tomorrow the distribution of 870 million for reindustrialization

The CCAA will decide tomorrow the distribution of 870 million for reindustrialization

Minister Reyes Maroto will chair tomorrow a meeting of the Sectoral Industry Conference in which the autonomous communities will decide on the distribution of 870 million euros for reindustrialization and will open a working group that will discuss the priorities.

In an appearance in committee in the Senate this afternoon, the Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism has advanced that the budget line for reindustrialization and strengthening of industrial competitiveness has been "unblocked" by the new government "in just three months."

In addition, Maroto stressed that "the priorities" will be decided upon with the opinion of the autonomous governments "in an unprecedented way", since until now it was the ministry that dictated the uses.

"We want to make industrial policy also a territorial policy," said Maroto.

The working table will be created tomorrow and will have a period of "very little time", so that the funds can be executed "before the end of the year", said the minister.

Also, she has been convinced that "all the autonomous communities will agree that it will be better to execute it than not to execute it".

In the sector tomorrow Maroto will also be with the Deputy Minister of Industry of the Basque Government, Javier Zarraonandia, on the eve of a meeting of the Minister with the works committee of La Naval, the Sestao shipyard (Bizkaia).

During his appearance in the Senate, Maroto has indicated that they deal with "the problems" of La Naval, which "were already well known" for months, "in a coordinated manner" with the Basque Government, and has exposed the senators that the intention of his Ministry is "to be brave and before any crisis do not look the other way".

In his first appearance in the Senate he said that his department is preparing a new industry law, whose project the Government intends to raise to Parliament "in the coming months", to replace the one in force since 1992 and align the sector with "the 2030 framework and the sectoral agendas. "


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