August 3, 2021

The cause of the fatal traffic accident of soccer player José Antonio Reyes has been filed

Image showing the vehicle in which José Antonio Reyes was traveling

Image showing the vehicle in which José Antonio Reyes was traveling

The Court of Instruction number three of Alcalá de Guadaíra (Seville) tofiled on May 25 the proceedings related to the traffic accident what it cost his life on June 1, 2019 to the footballer José Antonio Reyes and a relative, as published by Diario de Sevilla and sources from the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA) have confirmed to Europa Press.

The Prosecutor’s Office had already requested last spring to file the case before the impossibility of continuing with the exercise of criminal action “upon the death of the criminal responsible for the accident”, alluding to the soccer player as the driver of the vehicle.

The Prosecutor’s Office also pointed out the technical report prepared by the Civil Guard about the violent departure of the road suffered by the vehicle and the expert report made by the Department of Investigation and Reconstruction of Traffic Accidents of the Traffic School of the Civil Guard, since according to both reports, the accident was due to the combination of a “rear tire blowout“which caused the driver to lose control of the car, and the”excessive speed of movement“of the vehicle, greater than 187 kilometers per hour, at least 67 kilometers per hour over the allowed limit.

According to reports, the vehicle had been repaired a cracked tire, a circumstance that would have caused the loss of pressure in the blown tire.

“The heat that is generated in the tires during taxiing is proportional to the speed of travel and if a vehicle rolls at high speed for a long time with overload or inflation pressure lower than that described with high weather temperatures, its temperature increases, which causes an alteration of the tire and makes the cover is very sensitive to breakage or damage“said the Prosecutor’s Office invoking the reports.

Track exit, overturn and fire

The vehicle, a Mercedes Benz model S 550, reportedly suffered a partial exit from the road by the left margin and a contact with a protective metal barrier and, after an evasive maneuver, he left the road again on the right bank, where after colliding with a gutter gutter, a metal fence to protect the highway and a fence for the enclosure of a private property, he experienced several overturns down a dirt road to its position, where finally ignition and fire of the vehicle occurred.

The expert report also indicates that “at the time of interacting with the roadway fence, it was at a speed of 187 kilometers and at the precise moment of bursting the tire it must have carried a speed higher than the calculated one “, being verified, on the other hand,” the good state of conservation and signaling of the road, with generic speed limitation of the road at 120 kilometers in a straight section of dual carriageway “.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office, with the investigation procedures carried out, appreciated regarding the driver of tourism a “violation of the minimum and elementary precautions and serious violation of the rules of the road, seriously infringing the regulatory duties of care of the Traffic Law that affect the essential conditions of road safety “.

The Prosecutor’s Office thus appreciated indications of a felony reckless manslaughter and a crime of serious reckless injury, because in addition to the death of the footballer, the back seat traveler, Jonathan Reyes Reyes, died and the co-pilot, Juan Manuel Calderón González, was seriously injured.


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