May 18, 2021

The Catalonian government opens a file to Playmobil for not labeling in Catalan – La Provincia

The Catalonian government opens a file to Playmobil for not labeling in Catalan - La Provincia

The Government ofCataloniahas opened ainformative file to Playmobil for not labeling their toy boxes in Catalan. The company, based in the province of Alicante,could face a penalty of up to 100,000 euros, considers that the Catalan consumer law in which the alleged mandatory labeling is specified does not affect it.

The opening of the file has its origin in a complaint filed by thePlatform for the Llenguaboth against Playmobil, manufacturer of the known "cliks", as againstLego, considering that they refuse to comply with the consumer law.

As stated on the website of the aforementioned platform, the law 22/2010 of the Consumer Code of Catalonia obliges, through Article 128-1, that certain products, among which are toys,they must have the obligatory data of the labeling and the instructions in Catalan.

However, the platform adds, the Playmobil communication chief, Björn Seeger, has informed the entity itself thatthey will not label in Catalan when they understand that this law does not affect them. Thus, it refers to theconstitutional Court, and points out that "the Catalan legislator can regulate that this documentation is also in Catalan when these products are destined to be sold exclusively in Catalonia, but this is not the case, our products will not be marketed only in Catalonia,also in other autonomous communities, therefore the documentation is only mandatory that is in Spanish ".

The platform, however, rejects these arguments, noting that the Constitutional "has explicitly said the opposite" in one of its sentences. It also notes that in a recent communication, theCatalan Consumption Agencyexpressed that within the framework of legal security "finally the appropriate circumstances are given to apply the law, once the doubts have been solved by virtue of the respective judgments of the TC". It adds, in the same sense, that in accordance with the current legislation, Lego and Playmobil will receive a penalty of between 10,001 and 100,000 euros.


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