Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

The Catalan Socialists go out to recover the lost ground

Los socialistas catalanes salen a recuperar el terreno perdido

Few places have the symbolism of Santa Coloma de Gramenet for him Catalan socialism. Since Mother's Manuela took the baton in 1991, the PSC has led the helm of the city, which now governs with absolute majority Núria Parlón.

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ERC, the party with which the minister Meritxell Batet the victory is disputed these generals, has never obtained representation in this municipality and the CUP had to appear in the last municipal under another name and in coalition with Podemos to get out of irrelevance. The Rufián strategy, with which the Republicans intended to grow in urban Catalonia, has produced little fruit at least here.

With these credentials, it is normal that the PSC has chosen this city on the outskirts of Barcelona to start its campaign on 28-A. The metropolitan belt concentrates the barn of botos that traditionally has nourished to the Catalan socialists and that these elections can return to give them the victory after ten years of chaining defeats in the elections to the Congress. Some potential voters to whom Batet has asked this afternoon not to let their guard down, do not trust the polls that give everything for cattle, because you have to "stop to the right" and that is only achieved by going out to vote and voting "Pedro Sanchez."

Two options: o the right or Pedro Sánchez

The candidate of the PSC has been sheltered at the beginning of the campaign by the mayor of Santa Coloma, the first secretary of the party, Miquel Iceta, and also candidate for the Lídia Guinart Congress. "Everything that is not to give support to the PSOE is to open the door to the government of right, of PP, of Cs and Vox", said Batet from the gardens of Can Roig i Torres, before a dedicated militancy.

The Minister of Territorial Policy's message is totally aligned with that of the candidate for the presidency, Pedro Sánchez: these elections are at stake the country model for the next generations and there are only two options, or the "involution of the right tripartite" or the "progress of the PSOE", has insisted the candidate for Barcelona.

The 25 deputies obtained in Catalonia secured the victory of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero in 2008. The Catalan Socialists recognize that they will not reach those record numbers, but they do aspire to achieve a great result and thus pave the way for Sánchez to La Moncloa. "If in Catalonia the socialists win we can govern Spain," insisted Batet. Aware of the importance of the Catalan vote, the Government has turned these days with Batet, which has received up to four ministers in the last week. Sanchez has also reserved for Catalonia two days of a frantic campaign - he will visit 13 autonomous communities and will travel 15,000 kilometers.

"Pedro Sánchez has changed the history of Spain. Let's respond to what he has done, that the guy has played for all of us! Exclaimed Iceta, provoking loud applause among the militants.

The minister accuses ERC of making a clamp with PP and Cs

Batet has not only shot at the right during the start of the campaign, has also criticized the independence movement harshly, which has left Catalonia "fractured and divided in two".

And especially to ERC, its main competitor in this electoral contest. Batet has accused the Republicans of having made a "pinch with the right" to evict Sanchez from the government and to veto "the most social budgets in history." "To be left-wing is to make left-wing policies, to be on the left is not to sustain a government that does nothing," he finished.

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