The Catalan government files a Cabify company for omitting the pre-contract after the first trip

The Catalan government files a Cabify company for omitting the pre-contract after the first trip


The Department of Territory and Sustainabilityd has opened an information file to the company Prestige & Limousine, from the Cabify group, because the information they provide to their clients about the pre-contracting time -15 minutes in the first service- does not appear in the subsequent contract, has informed the Territory Department of the Catalan government. Specifically, from the Generalitat The company is "required" to clarify the terms of the contract and provision of vehicle rental service with driver (VTC).

The open file records that the communication sent to the users specifies that «They should only hire the service 15 minutes in advance the first journey. Subsequently, it is ensured that the service can be enjoyed 'with the same immediacy as always'. However, this information, according to Territory, does not appear in the service contract model of transport that the company makes available to users.

In this contract, Prestige & Limousine shows that it assumes the obligation to comply with the regulations of land transport applicable and, in particular, cites the state land transport ordinance law of 1987, the regulations that develop it and the Catalan decree of urgent measures validated by the Parliament on February 28.

This decree, which was approved after days of intense protests by taxi drivers in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona last January, obliges the VTC, among other measures, to pre-contract the service 15 minutes in advance. But to overcome the difficulty it poses for your business, Cabify asks its users to sign an annual contract, free and renewable, by which they are only required to book with a margin of time the first trip.

«Confuse» users

Now, the Department of Territory considers that the divergences between the information provided to users and the contract «Can confuse users», so it has decided to open an information file to verify if the company complies both with the 1987 law, and with the Decree on urgent measures.

Territory establishes a term of ten business days for the company provide the supporting documentation of the terms in which the VTC service is contracted and rendered. In addition, the company must provide details of the services performed between March 7 and 10, indicating the time of hire and the start of service provision.

Territory has warned the company that not meeting its requirements would be considered «An obstruction to the inspection task which corresponds to the Department ».


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