August 4, 2020

The Catalan company gathers around the EL PERIÓDICO awards – La Provincia

Josep Ametller,CEO and co-founder ofAmetller group Originwith his brother Jordi, he has collected this Monday the prize that distinguishes that company asCompany of the Year 2019and that grantsTHE CATALUNYA NEWSPAPERand sponsors theBanc de Sabadell. This Catalan firm has managed to channel its history to the present and lay the foundations of what will be the consumer service of the future. The experience of the Ametller family as farmers, dating back more than 100 years ago, has now been transformed into a hundred stores and a growth of 15% last year. Ametller manages 1,200 hectares of agricultural production, one third of them in Catalonia and sells 40% of the crop to third parties.

Nearly 300 businessmen, executives and politicians have attended the awards ceremony with which the groupIberian Press– owner of the Zeta Group, of which EL PERIÓDICO DE CATALUNYA is part of – distinguishes the best corporate strategies of the year. The event, held in the Llotja de Mar building in Barcelona, ​​has been attended bythe Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, the president of the Parliament of Catalonia,Roger Torrent; Vice President and Minister of Economy,Pere Aragonès, the Minister of Enterprise,Àngels Chacón, and the first deputy mayor of the Barcelona City Council,Jaume Collboni.

In addition to the company of the year, the awards also recognize thebest business initiatives in the fields of digitalization(which has fallen on the company eCooltra),innovation(Echevarne Laboratory),international projection(Lucta),quiparation(Blanca Sorigué) andentrepreneurship(Anaconda Biomed).

The gala has been chaired by him by theIberian Press president, Javier Moll, the vice president, Arantza Sarasola; the group’s CEO, Aitor Moll and the CEO, Sergi Guillotas well as by thedirector of EL PERIÓDICO DE CATALUNYA, Anna Cristeto.

An image of the event ‘Company of the Year’. Elisenda Pons

The origin of an innovative group

In his speech, the general director of Ametller Origen – to whom they presented the award, Javier Moll, Pere Aragonès and Josep Oliu, president of Sabadell – highlighted the origins of a firm closely linked to the environment, but willing to innovate. “Surely other families and operators can be inspired by our model that can be one of the outputs of the primary sector,” he said.Josep Ametller. “We have been able to compete with large multinationals in a market as fierce as distribution,” Ametller also stressed that “brands have to connect emotionally with the community. Only brands that have an honest purpose can achieve it, through a more sustainable and clean food, ”he said.

The president of the publishing group,Javier Moll, highlighted in his speech that from the pages of EL PERIÓDICO «we will support more Catalan companies, ensuring the political and economic stability they need for their activity and claiming the momentum of the essential infrastructure, ”he said in reference to the Mediterranean Corridor, the connection with France with high-speed trains and the ports of Barcelona and Tarragona.

Moll has stressed that THE NEWSPAPER undertakesa new era since its incorporation to the press group Prensa Ibérica, which in Catalonia already had headers like‘Diari de Girona’ or ‘Regió 7’. «We want it to be a great newspaper that« defends the interests of the Catalans ». And he remarked: «Alarge plural newspaper, who knows that Catalonia is a very diverse society and in which the utmost respect, constant dialogue and the escape from dogmatisms are essential ». In this regard he has specified: “All this is not only necessary but vital for the present and future of Spain and Catalonia“.

Understand economic progress

For her part, the director of EL PERIÓDICO,Anna Cristeto, He pointed out that “the initiatives we recognize today share with THE NEWSPAPER a way of understanding economic progress, which undoubtedly has to reverse in people.”

Lluis Canadell, Anna Cristeto, Arantxa Sarasola, Peré Aragonés, Roger Torrent, Reyes Maroto, Javier Moll, Angels Chacón, Peré Navarro and Aitor Moll. Elisenda Pons

He remembered that this newspaper has«A strategic commitment to social informationand business », which is evident in the greater relevance that it will have for the readers of the newspaper to know and understand the daily life of large and small companies. Also of the start-ups, the entrepreneurs and the autonomous group. “We all join and our commitment is to follow you to be the speaker of your successes, but also of your concerns about the changes that arise,” said the president of the group.

Among the attendees highlighted the presence of the president of Foment de Treball,Josep Sánchez Llibre, that of Ciments Molins,Joan Molins; the co-chairs of Amat Inmobiliaris,Immaculate and Joana Amat; the president and CEO of Savills Aguirre Newman,Anna Gener; the president of the Port of Barcelona,Mercê Conesa,; the president of Barcelona Tech City,Miquel Vicente, and the CEO of Cobega,Alejandro Climent. From the financial sector have attended, the director of Catalonia of BBVA,Xavier Linares, the territorial director of Catalonia of Santander,Luis Javier Herreroand the director of corporate banking at Banc SabadellAnna Ribalta, among others.


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