Fri. Aug 23rd, 2019

The Catalan bishops advocate "dialogue" and "gestures for reconciliation" at the beginning of the 1-O trial

Los obispos catalanes abogan por el “diálogo” y “gestos para la reconciliación” al inicio del juicio al 1-O

Before the beginning of the 1-O trial in the Supreme Court, the Catalan bishops have reiterated their commitment to "dialogue", "mutual respect" and the "search for concrete gestures for reconciliation" after having met for two days in Tiana the Tarraconense Episcopal Conference, which brings together the ten Catalan dioceses.

Thus, in a statement, the prelates believe that the trial that started on Tuesday in the High Court "has a great significance for the coexistence of Catalonia," and therefore remember "that dialogue, mutual respect and magnanimity in the search will always be required. of concrete gestures for reconciliation ". In addition, they assume that the lesser evil is that there be "sacrifices on the part of all" to reach "harmony and social peace".

"Persevere in an attitude of dialogue between citizens and between institutions will be an impulse for improvement to continue building a society in solidarity, peace, freedom and justice," the bishops say.

"Christians are a people called to contribute to personal and social pacification," the bishops say. on Tuesday they made public their request for forgiveness for the recent cases of sexual abuse in the field of the Church revealed in recent weeks. "Following the teaching of Pope Francis we want to tear down walls and build bridges," they say.

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