Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

The casualties of Real Madrid de Zidane to cash

The casualties of Real Madrid de Zidane to cash

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Zidane said that this summer can be boxed with several players because Real Madrid play the best in the world.

Gareth Bale He is one of the players that seems closer to leaving Real Madrid this summer. In the English market has a lot of market because he is a player with speed, talent and goal. Its speed is usable by the English teams. 100 million

Isco He does not really want to leave the Andalusian footballer, but if he does he will undoubtedly be one of the players with the most sign and for which Madrid's great rivals in Europe will fight. It has not been his best year, but there is no doubt about his talent. 85 million

Marcelo He has seven games to prove he can continue in Madrid or, at least, that he can draw a good amount. He has plenty of talent and if he returns to his best form, he is a tremendous player. He will turn 31 years old. 45 millions

Modric is the current Golden Ball, a player of exceptional talent, capable of leading a team. The only thing is that next season will start with 34 years, an age that begins to be at the limit of maximum performance. 45 millions

Kroos He has denied that he wants to leave the white team and his departure would be a surprise, unless he sees that his position in the starting team is complicated. As with Isco, he is a footballer who can leave a lot of money. 80 million

At 32 years old, Keylor Navas He knows that his future at Madrid is complicated and more since Zidane assured that next season there will be no mess in the goal. The goalkeeper can look for his last big contract. 20 million


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