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Bachelor of Electromechanical Engineering at the University of Southampton and Master in Robotics, Systems and Control at the ETH University in Zurich. Enrique Sánchez has specialized in the field of Virtual Reality at eventLAB, a Neuroscience and Technology laboratory in Barcelona. In addition, his training includes a Robotics Summer Program at Tohoku University and experience in Unit A.1 of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence of the European Commission in Luxembourg.

However, the real impetus to his professional career came after his time at the Foundation's Internationalization and Professional Practices Program in the United States MAPFRE Guanarteme A scholarship that gave him the opportunity to make a training stay in Washington where, in addition to developing mobile applications, he lived with leaders from around the world. His stay there gave him the confidence to return to Gran Canaria and be an entrepreneur in the sector of virtual reality and 360º videos.

World traveler

That is the Latin meaning of OrbisNauta, the commercial brand with which Enrique is currently developing virtual reality, augmented reality and 360º 8K video production for different public and private companies on the islands. OrbisNauta applications can already be seen in the exhibition of virtual reality of the Canarian Museum, which allows you to enter a aboriginal Canarian house; in the Elder Museum to visualize microalgae at the cellular level and interact with them and in the campaigns developed for the Tourist Board of Gran Canaria, which allow tourists to know the tourist destinations of the island virtually.

He is currently experimenting with new applications for the human resources and healthcare sector, with immersive solutions that allow learning to act in real situations through simulation or live virtual experiences to hospitalized patients. He will also be one of the ambassadors of the FMG Experience project, a new collaborative virtual space that the MAPFRE Guanarteme Foundation will launch in 2020.

Passion for constant learning

If something defines this young talent, it is his passion to continue learning. A passion that led him to participate in the Big Data Executive Program of the MAPFRE Guanarteme Foundation in collaboration with the SPEGC and the EOI, in which he understood that we live in an era in which we have access to all kinds of solutions. In his opinion "the leaders of the future will not be those who have more information than others, but the most creative, those who have emotional intelligence and know how to carry out their goals as a team." For Enrique, experiences are the most valuable in the era of globalization and digital interconnection. His advice to other young people who like him want to fulfill their dreams is to make the most of the opportunities presented to them, because it will help them get out of their comfort zone and train in an international environment.

The MAPFRE Guanarteme Foundation has opened the call for its Scholarship Programs for 2020. The bases, requirements and applications are available to those interested in the Foundation's website.


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