May 12, 2021

The case against Weinstein delves into the relationship of the producer and his complainant

The trial for sexual abuse against Harvey Weinstein in New York has deepened the relationship between the producer and a woman who reported him for rape, Jessica Mann, who was again questioned by the defense about messages or emails in which she seems affectionate with him .

Weinstein’s lawyer, Donna Rotunno, presented a 2016 email at the trial, long after the alleged 2013 violation that Mann described in detail on Friday, in which the witness tells Weinstein “Thank you very much, I feel fabulous and beautiful, thanks for everything “after meeting him in a hotel.

Mann, whose complaint is an integral part of the imputation of five sexual crimes against the producer in New York, explained during the process that he met with Weinstein in a Los Angeles hotel for years but added: “I want this jury to know that he it’s my rapist. “

During the trial, a recording of a woman’s consultation with a visionary was heard in 2014 in which she tells him that being a hairdresser and actress in Hollywood has to deal with “leeches”, and about Weinstein states that he “tries to cross boundaries” but She doesn’t allow it.

Mann ended his testimony by addressing his mental health: he claimed that he was self-injuring, that he considered suicide and was diagnosed with panic disorders and dissociation, but said he never lost “contact with reality.”

The jury has been able to review privately photos that have been introduced as evidence in the trial and that showed the naked producer, predictably to corroborate the physicist’s descriptions of the defendant that the witness made.

Also, a new witness, the Italian actress Emanuela Postacchini, came Tuesday to corroborate a story about how Weinstein allegedly pressured both young men to have a sexual trio with him in 2013.

Postacchini said she was invited by the Weinstein company to a party at the exclusive Soho House club in California, where the producer introduced him to Mann and summoned her the next day at a hotel in the wealthy Beverly Hills neighborhood.

There, Weinstein invited her up in the elevator to a room where Mann was and told them to “do something together” but, as he recalled, the other woman ran out to the bathroom and, after following her, found her “crying” in a fetal position on the floor “and tried to” calm her “.

The trial continues on Wednesday with the testimony of one of the alleged victims, Tarale Wulff, but the Prosecutor’s Office is expected to finish presenting his case on Thursday and thereafter the defense calls his witnesses to present a version of the allegations that he favors to your client


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