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the cartel that supported the Honduran president wanted to kill him for breaching

The former leader of the Los Cachiros cartel in Honduras, Devis Leonel Rivera Maradiaga, said Friday in New York that the leaders of the Valle brothers cartel wanted to assassinate the president of the country, Juan Orlando Hernández, because he did not answer the phone after helping him with Your campaign

Rivera Madariaga is a cooperating witness of the US Department of Justice. in the trial for drug trafficking against former Honduran Juan Antonio Hernández, brother of the current president.

He said he learned about the plot in 2014 during a meeting with brothers Arnulfo and Luis Valle, leaders of the Los Valle cartel in El Espiritu, Copán.

"Arnulfo said that they wanted to kill him because once he left president he did not answer the phone after they supported him in his candidacy," the exnarco responded to questions from the Prosecutor's Office, which has repeatedly addressed the alleged participation of the president in the trial. drug trafficking activities

He said he did not help the Valle brothers in his plan because by that date he was cooperating with the US drug agency (DEA) and because "it was never in my mind to kill the president of my country."

Rivera Madariaga also indicated that corrupt lawyer Reinaldo Econo told him that the president had heard rumors that he and his brother Javier wanted to kill him, and he promised to help him because that day he was going to meet Juan Orlando Hernández.

Econo told him that he would call him then "to clarify the situation" and asked him in exchange for $ 20,000 and the new truck he used to move around Tegucigalpa (capital of the country).

According to the exnarco, Econo kept his word and called him when he was with President Juan Orlando Hernández, but explained that the speaker was on and he would not speak with him, he would only listen.

"Leader, I am calling you to clarify those rumors, do not believe what they have told you, because my brother and I have not planned to kill him," Rivera Madariaga said of his alleged conversation with the president of Honduras in 2014.

"Rather, leader, my brother and I have been supporting him to be president" and then he mentioned a list of towns where he was helped for his election, according to his testimony in federal court for the southern district of New York, where he Make the judgment.

Econo told him that "the leader", in reference to the president, had heard him.

Rivera Madariaga is one of several drug traffickers who have cooperated with the Prosecutor's Office for the southern district of New York and has been in a prison in this city since 2015, awaiting sentencing.

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