The "carrulim", the Paraguayan remedy for colds and allergies in August

Asunción, Jul 31 (EFE) .- The fire that destroyed several stalls the day before did not discourage the sellers of medicinal herbs at Market 4 in Asunción, who this Saturday turned to the sale of "carrulim", the cane alcohol combination , rue and lemon that Paraguayans consume as a remedy for the flu-related illnesses typical of August.

The flames, presumably due to a short circuit, caused fear of the worst this Friday in the Paseo de los Yuyos, the part of the populous palenque known for the healing plants that are offered in that outdoor herbalist.

The fire, which devoured about five stalls and was controlled avoiding greater evils, occurred when the herbalists were preparing the star activity this Sunday, the sale of the "carrulim", the cocktail that is related to the Paraguayan tradition of pohã ñaná (medicinal plants, in Guaraní).

So that the day today in the Paseo de los Yuyos passed between the traces of the fire and the recovery work by those affected and the Municipal Police.

And among an audience that does not fail before a special day, in which they are supplied from a bottling of which few in Paraguay deny its curative effect and, if it does the case, treacherous not to take it in moderation.

In the middle of the repair of roof tiles and wooden and zinc walls, the vendors began from early in the morning to offer a "mojito", whose composition is subject to white cane, rue and lemon.

Or what is the same: cane to cheer the spirit, rude as a cleanser and citrus as an infallible vitamin C.

The result is the "carrulim", if you like the alcoholic variant of tereré, the cold herbal infusion that is one of the hallmarks of Paraguay, to the point that it was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage by Unesco.

In the absence of the "carrulim" obtaining those gallons, although the Ministry of Culture declared it cultural heritage, those who came to the Paseo de los Yuyos validated it for another year as the most reliable immune system booster in August.

A propellant month of abrupt weather changes, with the consequent decays of the body, and in which the trees cause annoying allergies with their pollination.

Without thereby discounting the social role of the "carrulim", consumed in shared rounds of friends or family as part of a tradition inherent to Paraguayan culture.

A heritage that is transmitted from generation to generation, as proven by the vendors who perpetuate it every beginning of August and against all odds, as in this year in which the fire did not get the people of Asuncion who came to Market 4 to show their fidelity to the "carrulim".


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