The Caricom highlights the "significant advances" in 2018

The Caricom highlights the "significant advances" in 2018

The general secretary of the Caribbean Community (Caricom), Irwin LaRocque, said today that the body of 15 regional members achieved "significant progress" in order to meet the strategic goal of repositioning the entity this year.

In a message of the end of the year, LaRocque said that the Caricom member countries had shown a willingness and commitment to reinforce the integration movement in 2018 with the signing of several agreements and legal tools.

LaRocque stressed that the Single Market and Economy (CSME, in English) of the Caricom excelled in the permission of the free movement of goods, resources, jobs and services through the majority of the members of the entity.

In response, the official said that in June he called a consultation with private sector, labor and non-governmental organizations, youth and media representatives to analyze the CSME.

According to LaRocque, the views of the shareholders were "positive, constructive and well appreciated" in their plans on how they could improve their operations.

LaRocque also highlighted that a major step within the organization was the approval of the Caricom Multilateral Air Services Agreement.

The official said that, at the moment, eight of the 15 members of the agency have signed the agreement.

The agreement proposes improving the connection and mobility of people in the region, as well as increasing the exchange of goods and services.

LaRocque also said that violence and security were two of the most important issues in the region.

LaRocque also mentioned that Caricom took up the fight against non-communicable diseases, which include three priorities in the region, including childhood obesity and mental health.


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