March 1, 2021

The Caribbean Health Agency raises the risk of coronavirus transmission

The Caribbean Public Health Agency (Carpha), based in Trinidad and Tobago, raised the risk of transmission of the coronavirus in the region from low to moderately high, according to a statement from the entity that reports this Saturday at its address on the internet.

The statement indicates that although no cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in the Caribbean so far, the transmission of the virus in territories with direct flights to the states of the region has been reported.

Carpha, for that reason and due to the higher current risk of importing the coronavirus into the region, raised the risk of disease transmission from low to moderately high.

Carpha’s executive director, Joy St. John, urged the health authorities of the member states of the organization to be prepared to offer a rapid response and continue doing everything necessary to strengthen their capacity to respond to the possible importation of cases .

The official encouraged member states to increase their surveillance capacity and adapt their national preparedness plans to a possible pandemic.

Although there are not yet cases of coronavirus in the Caribbean region, in relatively close areas such as Mexico and Brazil, cases have already been reported.

He said that the Caribbean states must be attentive to detect any imported cases and be prepared to manage any subsequent local transmission.

“We are ready to provide support and guidance to member states on how to strengthen the response of their health systems in case of importation and any subsequent transmission from person to person in the Caribbean. We are currently working with partners to develop a Regional Plan from Caricom to manage the COVID-19 outbreak, “said St. John.

Carpha urges the population to carry out simple preventive practices to prevent the transmission of the virus.

The regional agency recommends that people maintain basic hygiene of the hands and respiratory tract, in addition to avoiding close contact, when possible, with anyone who has symptoms of respiratory diseases such as coughing and sneezing.


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