The card and online payment system falls again at the gates of Black Friday

The card and online payment system falls again at the gates of Black Friday

At the doors of Black Friday, Redsysthe payment platform used by the majority of Spanish financial institutions in Spain, has once again produced connection failures that have caused several payments network outagesboth in the dataphones and through Bizumas confirmed by sources in the sector.

He last Saturday he already suffered a fall which left numerous users unused, who were unable to carry out operations with their cards, something that also affected Bizum. The company itself has confirmed the problems suffered through its X (Twitter) account. As they explain, "You may have tried to trade with Bizum and failed.. We are working on its solution, we keep you informed. We are sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you very much, bizumer."

Numerous users have also complained that there are failures in businesses and dataphones. Although the failures have been intermittent, banking sources have confirmed the total system crashwhich has occurred during "a short period of time"but the recovery of all processes and all communication lines "is a longer process", since the servers are restarted automatically one by one, confirm the same sources.

Although other financial sources attribute the failure to a system overload due to the exponential rise in payments online and in card machines due to the proximity of Black Friday, these two events that occurred almost consecutively have triggered all alerts among the Spanish financial entities, which have already asked the platform for explanations, which has been forced to open a internal investigation to clarify responsibilities and prevent it from happening again, something they have not achieved. Even the Bank of Spain has requested information from Redsys about the causes that are causing these failures.

As confirmed by some entities, the failures have also occurred in some banking operations, such as transfers, but above all they have been noticed in the POS terminals, although the incidence has not been the same in all banks, since sometimes some have been affected more than others.