The caravan rests this day and mourns for a dead Honduran migrant

The caravan rests this day and mourns for a dead Honduran migrant

The migrant caravan of Central Americans that crosses these days Mexico decided today to take a day off in Huixtla after the exhausting day of Monday, and thus save a day of mourning for a young Honduran who died after falling from the truck that was transporting him.

"The truth is that we are very mistreated feet by the type of shoes, and that is why we are resting for tomorrow to continue," he told EFE Reyna Elisabeth Cumala Rodriguez, a 49-year-old Salvadoran who seeks to emigrate because of poverty and part of this caravan with more than 7,000 people, mostly from Honduras.

This Tuesday, this great caravan that started on October 13 in San Pedro Sula (Honduras), will rest all day in Huixtla, in the southeastern Mexican state of Chiapas, after a long walk yesterday of more than 35 kilometers from Tapachula.

Irineo Mujica, leader of the NGO People Without Borders, explained today that this Tuesday is a break -the first one during the crossing- and that the young man who died on the road on Monday when he fell from a trailer that offered transportation, will be remembered. in the first deceased officer of the caravan.

"Tomorrow rested, at 5 o'clock in the morning, you can go forward and arrive at a place called Mapastepec," Mujica reported, in a message broadcast by megaphone to hundreds of migrants who spent the night in the central plaza.

Mapastepec is located almost 70 kilometers from Huixtla, so if the plans are fulfilled, tomorrow's day would be extremely hard; twice that of Monday.

The rest "is a very good decision because we have walked a lot and the children too, they do have problems, the big ones hold more," said Sergio Omar Ramirez, 19, from Ocotepeque (Honduras).

According to the refuge for migrants of the municipality of Suchiate, bordering Guatemala, 7,125 people entered the national territory last weekend. Of these, there were around 1,500 women, 1,500 girls and 900 boys.

Migrants already have several health problems, especially dehydration, muscle pain and skin infections. Some of them are attended by civil, religious or paramedical associations, which offer them basic care.

Although the persistence and the desire persist, they begin to notice the fatigue. This morning, around 07.30 local time (12.30 GMT), many of them were still asleep, despite the gradual increase in temperatures in this hot state.

Earlier, a desperate man was looking for his 10-year-old son, Christian, who lost yesterday on the road during the contingent's march.

In addition, the death of the young Honduran has also discouraged several of those present.

"We are between a rock and a hard place and we know that everyone wants to move forward, but we also know that today we are in mourning and for the honor of this person we honor his life and his dreams," Mujica added.

In spite of all this, the illusion to fulfill the American dream persists in the migrants while it seems that a new diplomatic clash between Mexico and the United States is approaching.

On Monday, the head of the White House, Donald Trump, alerted on Twitter that "the Mexican police and the military are unable to stop the caravan that is heading to the southern border of the United States," and assured that criminals and strangers from the Middle East they are mixed among Central American migrants.

Hours later, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto said that if migrants do not comply with the law "hardly" they can fulfill their goal of reaching the United States or staying in Mexico.

However, only about a thousand people, held in a migratory station while their situation is being assessed, made a request for refuge.

On the other hand, the future Mexican leader, the leftist Andrés Manuel López Obrador, asked that the rights of migrants be respected in his passage through the country and affirmed that he will offer work visas as of December 1, when he assumes the position.

Oblivious to all this, the morning began for many migrants with their right hand raised and praying in unison an Our Father in homage to the boy who lost his life.

An example of the dangers, and of the humanitarian crisis, that pushes them thousands of kilometers from their homes.


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