May 10, 2021

The caravan of migrants forces the EU to look at Honduras, according to a MEP

The caravan of migrants forces the EU to look at Honduras, according to a MEP

The caravan of migrants who have arrived in Mexico with the intention of entering the United States has forced the European Union (EU) to turn its gaze towards Honduras, the country from which it started and which suffers violence and "structural" inequality, according to the opinion the Spanish MEP Miguel Urbán.

The MEP, from the left group Podemos, criticized that in the trade and cooperation agreements that the EU has with Honduras "the human rights clause is not met".

"We enlarge the structural inequality with our commercial policy," Urbán said at a press conference in Madrid, noting that since 2017 the EU is the main partner of Honduras, not the United States.

The leftist politician returned to Spain after a visit to Tijuana (Mexico), where thousands of undocumented Central American migrants are currently trying to cross the border and enter the United States.

It is estimated that some 9,000 people are in this border city, after traveling in caravan throughout Central America and Mexico, which have made visible the problem of migration in a region that suffers high levels of violence and poverty.

Urbán pointed out that the numerical issue "is not very important", but rather the "political elements" of this caravan, which left on October 13 in Honduras.

In opinion of the MEP the elect president of Mexico, the leftist Andrés Manuel López Obrador faces "a big problem to manage", since in his opinion he will have to "reaffirm" the Mexican sovereignty before the attempt of "externalization of borders" that The US president, Donald Trump, intends not to become "the United States Turkey".

The EU signed an agreement with Turkey in 2016 to contain migratory flows to Europe, denounced by organizations such as Amnesty International, considering that it violates the rights of thousands of immigrants, with "illegal returns".

The MEP informed that his group will present an initiative before the European Parliament (EP) so that the situation experienced by the Central American immigrants of the caravan is considered a "humanitarian emergency".

"We understand that the EU should provide urgent humanitarian aid", while advocating a review of the cooperation funds that have been given to Honduras so far, both those from the Union and Spain. "Do not eliminate them, but do it well," he concluded.


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