The Caracol theater in Madrid is preparing a charity book with a view to founding an organization to help musicians

the snail room has been evicted from its location on Bernardino Obregón street in Madrid but the project continues. Its managers are looking for a new location and, while they find it, they work to keep the legacy alive.

Concert halls have entered the UCI

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The most immediate thing is a book with the history of the room, which starts long before its opening in 1995, when José Caracol got between eyebrows and eyebrows to materialize his passion for music in a place for concerts. The book, which will appear in the coming weeks, will include the participation of important artists and photographers linked to the history of the room and who have wanted to support it in this initiative.

It is a "charity" book, José explains, because they are going to use its profits as the first step in creating "an NGO for musicians", a broad project that was born to help music professionals socially. A "house of musicians" like the one that already exists in other countries such as England or the United States and to which it hopes that initiatives along the same lines throughout the country will join.

From flamenco to pop-rock

Those responsible for Caracol, tenants for almost 30 years, have been evicted this week by the owner of the ship, due to non-payment of monthly rent caused by the months of closure during the pandemic. Under the name of some companies or others, the Alonso family has managed the room since its creation.

The first generation of the family acquired from two sisters of Esperanza Aguirre the company with which they managed a flamenco tablao, which was an industrial warehouse without a roof. They invested in it and the flamenco hall grew to become a benchmark for medium-sized pop-rock concerts in the capital.

Caracol programmers have more projects underway to keep the name of the room alive and they will arrive after the summer.

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