April 19, 2021

The car of the future will carry almond shells

The car of the future will carry almond shells

It may be decades before they can fulfill the dream of coupling their car with the fluzo capacitor with which Doc, the mad scientist of "Regreso al futuro", was able to transform into energy any waste, from cans to banana peels, and make travel back in time to Marty McFly in a mythical Delorian. However, a team from the University of Córdoba has taken a step towards that possibility by increasing 60% battery autonomy of electric cars based on almond shells.

In the search for high-performance materials whose use does not harm the environment, scientists at the University Institute of Fine Chemistry and Nanochemistry at the University of Córdoba (IUNAN) have developed lithium, sulfur and almond shells converted into a sort of microporous active carbon through a process of activation and pyrolysis.

Those responsible for this study have tested the new battery in fast charges, especially demanded aspect for the electric car. The tests in recharges of one hour have been a success and foresee the viability of these batteries for even faster recharges, as is required in the sector. The first results of simulation of these batteries prepared with carbons derived from almond shells indicate that "they could increase by 60% the autonomy of a standard electric vehicle, where conventional lithium batteries are used".


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