The car of Óscar S., a friend of Esther López, arrived at the Civil Guard without the dent

Image of the transfer of the vehicle taken by Atlas and, on the right, the photo of the ERAT report. / THE NORTH

The court receives the video of the transfer of the T-Roc to the Comandancia last April for the collation of images that the defense of the main investigator of the Esther López case claimed

The video and the frames of the transfer, last April, of the car of the main person investigated in the Esther López case to the Civil Guard Command of Valladolid have already arrived at the Court of Instruction 5 to be compared with the photograph of the dent that It appears in the expert report prepared by the Traffic Accident Reconstruction Team (ERAT) and which was presented in the Court of Instruction 5 in August. In these images, owned by the production company Atlas and 20Minutes, the small damage observed in the photograph on which the Meritorious specialists have worked to support the hypothesis that this blow, along with other damage located outside of the Volksvagen T-Roc, are compatible with the injuries that Esther López would have suffered in the hit-and-run.

Óscar SM's defense had requested the investigating magistrate to compare these images, stating that when his client's car was requisitioned by the investigators of the case for a second in-depth inspection, it did not show any impact on the upper right area of ​​the bumper. She also claimed that, in the event that the dent was found to have occurred after the car was placed in the custody of the Benemérita (it is a fundamental piece of evidence in the case), the judge should request explanations from the Civil Guard.

The report of the Accident Reconstruction Team in which a recreation of the possible run over of the young woman from Traspinedo is made indicates on page 47, which is illustrated with a photo of the car, that the dents normally occur as a result "of a blow with a strong compression" and in this case, they state, "a slight dent is observed, a small impact (deformation) in plastic material by compression by means of an external force applied in an oblique direction on the right exterior part of the upper area of ​​the bumper that causes a step in the line of union with the fin itself». The description concludes that "it is a slight sinking in the plastic part forming a convex area, a curvature sunken inwards."

compatible with injuries

This and other damage located in the front part of the car would be compatible with the injuries that Esther López presented in the lower extremities described in the autopsy report, which has been essential for the simulation of the accident. The victim would have suffered a first initial impact on the upper part of the left thigh, "a more pronounced and more damaging injury than the one produced on the right extremity". The ERAT report endorses the forensic conclusion: »strong energy is required to cause rotation of the hip that triggers dislocation, with the head of the femur coming out of the cup. Based on the area where the thigh was hit and Esther's height (plus the three centimeters of the heel of her boots)", who was standing at the time of the attack, "the compatibility with the height of the upper edge of the grille and engine hood of the Volkswagen T-Roc vehicle.

The investigating judge of the case will decide whether, after collating the images, ask the Civil Guard for explanations about what happened to the car while it was kept in the Comandancia and if this, as pursued by the defense strategy of Óscar S., invalidates the Traffic report, which is essential to support the accusation against the main suspect, for whom the family of Esther López has just requested that precautionary measures be imposed due to the evidence collected by the investigators.

Inés affirms in the Ana Rosa Program that her sister "did not get out of Óscar's car"

"It's surreal that he doesn't have precautionary measures, I can go down the street and meet him." Inés López, in an interview granted this Monday to the Ana Rosa Program, has affirmed that her sister "did not get out of the car" of Óscar SM In her statements she has pointed out that "we want to believe that this is very little lacking", in allusion to the proximity of an outcome in the investigation carried out by the Civil Guard since her father reported Esther's disappearance at the Tudela post, five days after the young woman left her house to go see the match of the Champions to a town bar. "Of course there is a person and her name is on everyone's mind", she has stressed regarding whom the family and the Civil Guard consider that he is responsible for the disappearance and death of the neighbor of Traspinedo.

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