The capital is dressed in HPS San Silvestre - La Provincia

The capital is dressed in HPS San Silvestre - La Provincia

Every December 31, thousands of people put on their best clothes to close the year with the appropriate glamor. Similarly, the HPS San Silvestre, the most supportive race of the season, is getting pretty, to welcome the 12,000 participants provided for the dispute of the event. In this way, the capital of Gran Canaria has begun to dress with 120 banners that will be hung from a series of streetlights through the busiest streets of the Island -Bravo Murillo, Tomás Morales, Luis Doreste Silva or León y Castillo among others-. In these posters, the Hospital Perpetuo Socorro, organizer of the race, has chosen to show images of more than a thousand people who have participated in previous editions. All recognition to the most supportive.

In order to place these graphic elements on the streets of the capital, the presentation of the urban projection plan was carried out in the morning along with the demonstration of the awareness project regarding the donation of bone marrow which will be held together with the parallel activities of San Silvestre.

The head of the Sports Department of the City of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Aridany Romero, said that the purpose of the placement of these banners is to "raise awareness among the population to show solidarity and participate in the race." A participation that today exceeds the 7,000 registered and that according to Romero's words, "is on track to reach the goal of 12,000."

The city councilor also remarked that "not only is it attractive for the city, but also this decision serves to join the cause of solidarity that promotes the race." As pointed out that the San Silvestre "helps both men, women and children to promote healthy habits in the society of the Gran Canaria capital."

Social contribution

Similarly, in the line of solidarity that characterizes this event at the end of the year, Perpetuo Socorro Hospital will deepen the attempt to raise awareness among the population about the moral responsibility that must exist in terms of bone marrow donation. For this, the health center, through its medical director Jorge Baccelliere, will give informative talks on the matter during the days 26, 27, and 28 of December in the afternoon (4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.) and December 30th in the daytime (to be confirmed).

This opens a window for the population of Gran Canaria can register, as in the race, to the Spanish Registry of Bone Marrow.

The insular athlete Marcos Yánez, who will run from December 30 through different parts of the Island to make the Run for Leukemia until the day of the starting pistol, when it will join the race and conclude its solidarity act after passing the finish line of the circuit.


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