The capital city council launched 223 cultural events during 2020

The City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria presented the Sectorial Council of Culture on March 15, at the end of the year of confinement, a detailed study of the impact of cultural activity in times of pandemic, which, hosted in the web, concludes that the area will continue to adopt courageous positions that, in addition to guaranteeing the inalienable right of access to culture, reinforces the cultural fabric, a sector that suffocates without institutional support.

The numbers of hiring and results do not leave room for doubt: since the state of alarm was decreed and until the end of the year, the area directed by Encarna Galván mobilized 2,117 professionals, including artists and technicians, to launch 223 events that they were followed by 35,367 direct attendees, but with a reach of 415,116, if the reproductions of events carried out in streaming or direct actions in digital environments are taken into account. All this with a zero incidence in terms of infections.

Action plan

Culture, in line with a strategy that defends cultural activity as an instrument of social transformation and development, began 2020 with an ambitious program that suffered a shock with the international irruption of Covid-19. During the mandatory confinement, a plan of action that, on a daily basis, offered the possibility of connecting with culture.

With the arrival of the de-escalation, Galván presented the Culture in Action project which, with a focus on Canarian creators, has been adapting to the advances and setbacks of the spread of the virus, ensuring that culture remains unbeatable. In addition, in the run-up to summer, a proposal that had been in the bedroom for a long time was activated: reconverting Miller into a cultural space to host different cultural projects. Numerous festivals, events, exhibitions and initiatives complete the defense of culture in the midst of crisis.


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