The capacity of the football stadiums will be limited to 40%

Audience during a soccer game.

Audience during a soccer game.

The back to the stadiums of soccer Y basketball next season will not be as planned just over a month ago. The Government and the communities approved this Wednesday, within the Interterritorial Health Council, that the maximum capacity allowed in open areas, such as those of football, is limited to 40%. In the closed, case of basketball, 30%. The draft of Health defended that those attending sports competitions could only be the subscribers. In the end, it was decided to fix percentages. Unlike other appointments of the organism, marked by the division, no territory voted this time against the initiative. All supported it, except Euskadi, which abstained considering that this matter was exclusively regional competence.

“The fans will preferably be subscribers, but it can also be a local public. What the measure intends is that there is no mobility, that the fans of the team that do not play at home cannot move, “said the head of Health after the meeting, Carolina Darias. In any case, the communities may approve stricter conditions. “They are common measures. It is a minimal frame for the entire Spanish territory, “added the minister.

The text indicates that the measures will be in force, for now, three weeks: “Between August 13, 2021 and September 5, 2021.” At the beginning of next month, “a new evaluation of the situation”.

At the end of June, the Government announced the return of fans to sports stadiums next season. “It returns to the normal influx of public,” said the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, after the Council of Ministers that approved the measure. But then Spain had not yet entered the fifth wave, motivated by the increase in interaction associated with summer and the arrival of the delta variant, much more contagious, which has forced the concept of herd immunity to be rethought in this pandemic, the threshold beyond which, in theory, a level of collective protection is reached that prevents the virus from being transmitted. The percentage was originally estimated at 70% of the vaccinated population, but experts now consider it to be close to 90%.

At the beginning of summer, the incidence of cases detected in 14 days per 100,000 inhabitants was 90, a situation considered to be of medium risk according to Health indicators. This Wednesday was 653 (extreme risk), with the number of infections decreasing slightly, but the peak of hospitalizations has not yet been reached.

Before the imminent start of the new season (the soccer League starts on August 18th and basketball on September 11), the Government and communities decided last week to create a workgroup to establish “common and minimum” measures in all territories regarding the return of the public to sports competitions.

Closed-door workouts

The agreement is based on those expert recommendations. The text underlines the mandatory mask inside stadiums, even outside, and wants this message to be emphasized from the screens and public address. Too prohibits the sale and consumption of food and beverages during the event, although “exceptionally” it can be allowed to drink water “through an itinerant system for the assistants, or carried by themselves”. Nor will the “consumption of tobacco and related products (DSLN or electronic cigarettes and herbal products for smoking) be allowed, both indoors and outdoors.”

The proposal, which says nothing about the mandatory nature of the covid certificate to access the stadiums (a possibility defended by some autonomies), he points out that the training sessions will be held behind closed doors. The seats will be assigned prior to the competition, continues the text, which also recommends that there be independent sectors with the number of attendees to be set “respecting the safety and evacuation rules at all times”. Likewise, each sector will have its own toilet area, where interpersonal distance must also be guaranteed. Finally, the agreement advocates natural ventilation at all times, so that the air circulates. However, if this is not possible, mechanical ventilation will be used.

“This agreement allows us to have a common umbrella. It’s very important. The Government and the communities launched a message of unity and cohesion to all citizens, “concluded Darias, visibly satisfied by the unity practically achieved with the territories.


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