July 30, 2021

The capacity for transformation of people, key to the digital revolution – La Provincia

The capacity for transformation of people, key to the digital revolution - La Provincia

The second edition of theAgeingnomics forum, organized byMAPFRE and Deusto, has focused on the process of transformation driven by the digitalization that is being experienced at that time in all companies. Elena Sanz, MAPFRE's general director of HR explained in the colloquium that the key to the success of this change "does not lie in technology but inin people.It is not technology but the power of transformation of people committed to a project that decides the success or failure of business in this digital age.

During the second edition of the forum, Sanz insisted that robots will not replace people but that they will concentrate their talent on activities of greater value, leaving machines with repetitive and routine tasks.

That is why the company is continuously driving the development and learning of people in digital transformation. An example of this isthe launch of MAPFRE Innova, an intrapreneurship initiative launched to promote creativity and boost the ideas of employees.

Elena Sanz also advocated in her speech to increase collaboration with universities and business schools, since currently there are not enough trained workers in the skills that digitalization demands.

Antonio Ortega, executive director and general manager ofPeople, Media and Technology of Bankia, insisted that although we have to "unlearn many things or question what at other times has led us to success, there are essences that must be maintained: respect for people, focus on the client, integrity and commitment".

For its part, Pilar Pons, general manager of HR at IBM, acknowledged that there is continuous learning to grow and evolve professionally. "Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the way in whichthe organizations are competing for talent.In the end, the value of new technologies is to increase human capacity, "he said.

The president of Sagardoy Abogados,Iñigo SagardoyHe pointed out that new forms of work require flexibility and adaptation to change. "Companies are looking for ways to adapt to this new reality, which is very important and necessary," he said, while underlining the challenge facing public authorities, organizations and workers to address this new context.

Finally, Luis Garvía, professor of ICADE / ICAI, also insisted on that same need for adaptation, "because, despite the fact that a spectacular change is taking place, which is not studied either in schools or universities, we continue to carry inefficiencies From the past". "We will have to go through the university several times,Does what you studied 20 years ago help you get by today?"he asked.

This is the second meeting of this cycle, which aims to deepen the opportunities of aging.


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