Sat. Feb 23rd, 2019

The candidates for the presidency of Athletic present their endorsements | sports

The candidates for the presidency of Athletic present their endorsements | sports

Unless the electoral board says otherwise, the next day 27 there will be elections for the presidency of Athletic. The two precandidates, Alberto Uribe-Echevarria and Aitor Elizegi, presented the signatures of partners necessary to endorse their candidacies -about 2,200-, and will compete for the Ibaigane chair from next Wednesday, when the endorsement of the endorsements is completed and the candidates are proclaimed. In principle, it seems that the two aspirants will overcome the cut. Uribe-Echevarria submitted 3,300 signatures and Elizegi 3,120. Of these, duplicates and irregular ones must be rejected.

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The first to go to the club's headquarters was the "official" candidate, Alberto Uribe-Echevarria, around five in the afternoon, surrounded by his fellow candidates, each with a box with signatures. The 59-year-old economist gave more names than proposals. He announced that he will have two vice-presidents: Javier Aldazabal, until now secretary of the board, and Silvia Muriel, the right hand of Josu Urrutia in recent years. He will also have treasurer with Carlos Ortiz, who has just retired as financial director of the club, and the accountant will be Izaskun Larrieta, former treasurer. He assured that the process of collecting signatures has been a "very intense" experience.

At 22:45, the candidacy of Aitor Elizegi arrived in Ibaigane. Few familiar faces, no charges awarded in advance. The candidate for the presidency pointed out that the process must be respected and that the candidacy will be presented when it is proclaimed. The cook gave a few strokes of what he wants to do. "Change this, Aitor", I have been told by more than a thousand partners with whom I have spoken. He referred to his intention to renew the statutes of the club, reform the facilities of Lezama, suppress the VIP ring or extend the tier of animation. Your project is still a nebula. He assured, that yes, that nobody, these days, has asked for any signing.

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