February 25, 2021

The candidate of the ‘comuns’ strip of self-parody after an unforeseen event while she was live

The candidate of the ‘comuns’, Jéssica Albiach, gave an interview on TVE when suddenly a banner with her party’s logo fell to the ground unexpectedly, while politics assured that for her the important thing about the elections was not the result . The video was immediately captured and immediately spread like wildfire on social media. One of those who spread it is Toni Cantó, Valencian Citizen leader, who made fun of the situation saying: “The poster, a sign.”

Before the diffusion of the video, from En Comú Podem they decided to respond with the same humor and shot self-parody. “Wait, Toni Cantó, I have the good one and you will like it much more,” Albiach answered from his Twitter account. The leader of the ‘comuns’ broadcast the same video, but with an edition in which behind the fallen poster a Soviet star appeared with the communist hammer and sickle, and all this while the USSR anthem was playing.

The self-parodic video on the ideology of the ‘commons’, with reference to The Simpsons included, is in line with the pre-campaign that the party deployed. In Comú Podem he has opted for videos that are close to and far from formalities to try to connect with a young audience and which is informed mainly on social networks. Previously, the formation presented a spot in which they parodied dating applications, although in their case they sought to make a political match with their candidate. Regarding the incident of the banner, beyond the communist parody, Albiach has commented: “Not asking for money from the banks gives you moments like this.”


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