The candidate debate draws two blocks and leaves good news

The candidate debate draws two blocks and leaves good news

Last night the last debate of candidates for the Presidency of the Government of the Canary Islands took place prior to the elections of this next sunday may 28. In it, all the candidates for the position whose group has representation in the Canarian parliament took part, with the exception of the leader of the Gomera Socialist Association (ASG), Casimiro Curbelo, who declined the invitation.

In broad strokes, The debate made clear the existence of two large blocks: On the one hand, the three candidates for the Flower Pact, and on the other those of CC and PP. And he also left good news: the president Angel Victor Torres announced that the islands will be free of the tax on air and maritime fuel. This is the rate that would most affect ticket prices, according to tour operators. The agreement was adopted at the European Council, at the last meeting of the Swedish presidency.

The first of the candidates to intervene in the debate was Roman Rodriguez, (Nueva Canarias-Grupo Canarista), who highlighted the management capacity and the "fundamental" role of his party these four years: "We have a planteam, experience, we have been decisive in the defense of the Canary Islands in Madrid and in Brussels, an answer to what we experienced without us would not be understood, we believe in our possibilities and potential.

For his part, Ángel Víctor Torres (PSOE) expressed that "This land deserves to be rewarded, we are the ones that have suffered the most in the last four years", after mentioning everything that happened, he stressed that "the Canary Islands today lead the economic recovery, with the best parameters in terms of unemployment rate" in the last 15 years, we have a housing project In social rights, I consider that the Canary Islands deserve to have four normal years.

The representative of the Canary Islands Coalition (CC), Fernando Clavijo He referred to the fact that "7 out of 10 families do not make it to the end of the month in the Canary Islands", while mentioning the notable increase in inflation and interest rates. "The Canary Islands collect more than ever, and it needs a Government that is more aware of the Canaries than of Sánchez, that does not pay homage, that knows how to govern and that does not have the most deteriorated public services than 20 years ago."

The leader of United Yes We Can, Noemi Santana, began his speech with a clear message: «Future, illusion and hope». Alluding to the possible fed up of society in political issues, the candidate wanted to tell society that politics is a "very powerful tool to change things", at the same time that she stressed that this Sunday they can "vote progress or vote backwards , we guarantee to govern with courage, we owe nothing to anyone ».

For his part, Manuel Dominguez (People's Party) listed a series of problems that affect Canary Islands society, among which he highlighted health matters, problems in reaching the end of the month in thousands of families, the price of the shopping basket, the shortage of housing and the squatting "I want to be president of the Canary Islands to solve all these problems, I want to improve this land."


In the economic bloc, Torres affirmed that "The best vaccine against the crisis is to have a job", noting that currently "there are 77,000 more people working than in 2019, as well as 10,000 young people and women have left unemployment." At the same time, he assessed that the Canary Islands have "the best tourist expenses ever in 2023. In turn, he confirmed that" we are going to help families who find it difficult to make ends meet, offering direct lines "and also" to the sectors that have suffered from rising prices of raw materials”.

In his speech, Clavijo highlighted the "job precariousness" and the 149% increase in discontinuous permanent contracts, which among its policies is, removing the inheritance tax, a drop in the IGIC from 7 to 5% and a flat rate for the self-employed for the first two years. "We propose specific incentives, we want to give families a relief that allows them to overcome these problems."

For his part, Santana stressed that currently in the Canary Islands there are "more people working than ever and in better conditions, noting that 40% of the contracts that are signed are "permanent", in part, "Thanks to us and to Yolanda Díaz's labor reform".

"The answer is simple, the Canary Islands are much poorer than four years ago, that's how the GDP marks it," was how the leader of the Popular Party began his appearance, while referring to the NC-BC candidacy as Nueva Canarias, Banco Canary. “All taxes have gone up2,000 canaries have stopped receiving their inheritance because they could not afford it, I propose a serious social policy, with economic diversification, with real data that dignifies the person ».

Finally, Román Rodríguez, assessed that "we must not forget what we have experienced, it has been the most tragic four-year period"with the economy “paralyzed for almost 2 years”.

After intense work between the Government of the Canary Islands and the Ministry of Finance, it has been possible for the European Council, in the last meeting of the Swedish presidency -with the presence of the 27 members-, to have agreed on the exemption of the Canary Islands in the known tax on kerosene or green tax ETD (Energy Tax Directive) in the air and sea transport in all European movements.

It's about the bowl that would most affect ticket prices, according to tour operators.

The debate, broadcast by Televisión Canaria and RTVC, has revealed two blocks: on the one hand, that of Flower Pactwith Àngel Víctor Torres, Román Rodríguez and NoemÍ Santana, and on the other CC and PP, with Fernando Clavijo and Manuel Domínguez very critical of the current Government.