July 23, 2021

The candidate Ciro Gomes questions the reliability of the electoral surveys in Brazil

The candidate Ciro Gomes questions the reliability of the electoral surveys in Brazil

The Labor Ciro Gomes, candidate for the Presidency of Brazil and third in the polls, today questioned the reliability of the polls, which attributed 11% of the support and questioned the "immunity" of the same "to corruption that has become widespread in the country. "

"This is a country where things got so bad that even a deputy is bought and sold, so will the polling institutes be immune to the corruption that has become widespread in the country? Let's think a little bit" Gomes said during a visit to a General Motors factory in Sao Caetano do Sul, in the interior of Sao Paulo.

Gomes reiterated that the "odious confrontation" between ultra-rightist Jair Bolsonaro and the Workers Party (PT) will launch the country on "a very serious precipice" and only worsen the crisis.

"That odious confrontation of PT, anti-pt and Bolsonaro as (representative) antipestista" is a "gross misunderstanding that is inviting the country to dance on the edge of an abyss", said Gomes in Sao Caetano do Sul, an old redoubt of the Party of Workers in the past.

In the act, Gomes also charged against the right-wing formula, after Bolsonaro's comrade, General Hamilton Mourao, criticized today some salary benefits, such as bonuses.

In the opinion of the Labor Party, Mourao is being "less malicious and less liar" than Bolsonaro in proffering such statements openly, since, he argued, both share the same project of political economy.

"He (Bolsonaro) already said that Brazilian workers should make a choice between jobs or rights," Gomes emphasized.

The Labor Party, who was already the minister of former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, appears stuck in the third place of the electoral race with 11% of the support, behind the far right (31%) and the successor of Lula in the formula of the PT, Fernando Haddad (21%).

From the beginning of his campaign, Gomes hoped to get a part of the votes that were directed to Lula, who had around 40% of support before being prevented from participating in the presidential race for having been convicted in the second instance.

However, Haddad recorded an escalation in voting intentions since he officially replaced Lula as the standard-bearer of the PT, although he also accumulates an expressive rejection rate of 38%.

Thus, in the face of the polarization between Bolsonaro and Haddad, with whom he disputes the votes of the left, the Labor Party came to present itself as an alternative to fight "the fascists who are bothering Brazil".

"Brazil is divided into gangs and the vast majority of the Brazilian population seeks a path that allows us to get out of intolerance, violence and the culture of hatred," he said.

"Bolsonaro, I'm going to take off his mask so he stops talking for those fascists who are bothering Brazil," Gomes added.


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