The Canary provinces are challenged in the Cajasiete Challenge - La Provincia

The Revolutionary Challenge Cajasiete follow its road map marked on the day of its celebration, on May 30, the Canary Day. The test, which will be held simultaneously in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria will be held in circuits of eight kilometers, with a similar slope so that the times computed by each participant are included in the only final classification that will determine which province is the fastest, and therefore, winner of the Cajasiete 2020 Challenge.

The winning province will have the possibility to choose to which social project the money raised in the different actions that the organization of an event that goes beyond the sport will go. And is that the Cajasiete Challenge is not just competition, it is socialization, revitalization and solidarity.

In this revolutionary event of the Cajasiete Challenge, the only one of its characteristics in the national territory, each participant can search for their own challenges from the moment they formalize their registration through because in the five months that are still ahead you can improve your time, compare them with the two other competitors of the same characteristics and, above all, challenge any other runner who will participate in the event, whether from the island that be. Each challenge has its personal prize and, in addition, it can have an additional prize because the organization has prepared many surprises and will award multiple prizes to the winners of the different challenges.

Registration for this new athletic event is now open and march at a very good pace. Each participant, at the time of registering to be part of the Cajasiete Challenge on May 30, has the possibility of recording the approximate time in which they intend to finish the tour, with which the platform generates a forecast that determines which province it would be the winner based on those estimated times. Santa Cruz de Tenerife started the challenge ahead, but it is now Las Palmas de Gran Canaria that, if every registered personal challenge was fulfilled, would be the winner at the end of the event. Now the question is to be faster when formalizing the registration through and then it will be those 8 kilometers who speak.


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