The Canary Islands will have, this winter, 26.8% more air seats than in 2019

The Canary Islands will have, this winter, 26.8% more air seats than in 2019

Gran Canaria Airport. / c7

The archipelago will have 73 new routes, the majority at the airport of Lanzarote (30) and Gran Canaria (29)

EFE Santa Cruz of Tenerife

The airlines have programmed in the airports of the Canary Islands
27 million seats for the winter seasonwhich represents an increase of 26.8% compared to the winter season of 2019, as reported on Monday by Spanish Airports and Air Navigation (AENA).

The aforementioned percentage does not take into account the adjustment for the impact that the
covid-19 had during the last two weeks of March 2020, which were affected by the imposition of mobility restrictions, specifies the airport agency.

These are historical figures for tourist traffic in relation to the number of scheduled seats, which consolidate the destination
Canary Islands as a place of reference to visitadds AENA.

In the international market, the offer of seats increases with 33% more seats than in the winter season of 2019 and adds up to a total of 17.1 million seats, while in the national market the increase is 17%. , with 9.8 million scheduled seats with destinations between Spanish airports.

At an inter-island level, the winter season will have an offer of
4.9 million seats4% more than in the same period of 2019.

The number of scheduled movements also increased by 20.4%, with 183,182 commercial operations.

The airports that incorporate a greater number of new routes for the winter season are those of the Canary Islands, with 73, and the figures for the
Cesar Manrique-Lanzarote Airportwith 30 more routes, and from
Gran Canaria Airportcon 29.

By number of scheduled seats, Gran Canaria Airport is in the lead, with 8.2 million, 24% more than in 2019.

Of these, almost 5 million have an international origin/destination (31% more than in 2019), and 3.2 million other points in Spain, which increase by 18% compared to 2019.

For its part,
Tenerife South It has an offer of 7 million seats (36% more), of which 6.4 million will be for international flights (35% more) and 553,554 for flights within the national territory (56% more).

He is followed by
Cesar Manrique-Lanzarote Airport which, of the 4.4 million seats scheduled with the island (+39.3%), has almost 3 million destined for international flights (+40%) and for national territory, almost 1.4 million (+38%) ).

As for the
Fuerteventura Airportof the more than 3.4 million seats offered (+34%), almost 2.6 million seats are for international flights (+44%) and 862,220 for domestic flights (+12%).

From the
Tenerife North Airport-City of La Laguna 3 million seats have been offered, with an increase of 6.2% and with a breakdown of 2.9 million for national traffic and 31,690 for international traffic.

In the case of
The Palmwith 781,302 seats, 620,948 national seats and 160,354 international seats have been scheduled.

Likewise, the airlines will offer in the
Iron Airport 145,424 seats and in La Gomera there are 78,596 scheduled seats, all of them to inter-island destinations.

The programming of seats and movements offered by the airlines for the winter season 2022-203 is prepared months in advance and is subject to changes by the airlines, specifies AENA, which adds that it must be taken into account that said programming responds to requests made by companies to operate at airports and the number of seats they offer passengers on these flights.

Therefore, it is about the offer of seats and flights, not real traffic data, since these are not obtained until the flights are operated and their occupation is known.