The Canary Islands will distribute 41 million European funds in transport

The Minister of Public Works, Sebastián Franquis, met this Monday with the transport advisers of the seven councils. / EFE

The councils and the autonomous community have agreed on a distribution based on population criteria, except for El Hierro, which will not receive funding

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The Government of the Canary Islands and the councils, except for that of El Hierro, have agreed this Monday to distribute the 41 million Next Generation funds from the European Union (EU) destined for the modernization and digitization of the transport sector, in a that the
island corporations will receive 35.9 million euros and the
autonomous community 5 million.

The Minister of Public Works of the Government of the Canary Islands,
Sebastian Franquisannounced the agreement at a press conference after the meeting held with the directors responsible for the transport areas, whose projects
must be completed before April 202.

The councils and the autonomous community have been satisfied with the agreement established for its distribution in response to the population criterion, the counselor has indicated.

As explained by Franquis, Tenerife will receive 14.5 million euros for the construction of lanes
BUS-HOV on the TF-5 and TF-1 highways, the installation of card payments in buses and the creation of charging points for the aforementioned vehicles.

13.1 million

Gran Canaria

13.1 million euros will be allocated to Gran Canaria for the creation of the island's mobility control center and a preferential stop in the municipality of Santa Brígida, which will be financed with approximately 900,000 euros of these funds.

Lanzarote will have 3.3 million euros for the purchase of three sustainable buses, two hybrids and one electric, and the construction of a preferential stop, while Fuerteventura will receive 2.8 million euros for the purchase of three electric vehicles, the installation of a charging point and modernizing the canopies.

La Palma will have 1.9 million that will be invested in the installation of 150 photovoltaic panels in the canopies, 60 of them with complete information, and the acquisition of five sustainable buses.

As announced by Franquis, La Gomera will receive 160,000 euros for the installation of a user information system.

The iron It will not receive money from these funds, since the projects it carries out in this field have been financed with other European programs, Franquis has detailed.

5 million

The autonomous community

Regarding the item assigned to the autonomous community, he specified that 1.4 million euros will be allocated to the creation of a register of land transport operators, which responds to a "requirement of the sector for years" and of the Canarian law for 15 years.

The rest of the money will be used in the digitalization project of public transport in the autonomous community, both air, sea and land, to have all the information automated and shared with the councils, so that a joint platform is created , has indicated the counselor.

Franquis has stated that he has been working for more than a year on the projects that are going to be financed with these European funds, which have the backing of the Ministry of Transport, and that for this reason they are convinced that they can be executed within the deadline that has been fixed.

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