September 22, 2020

The Canary Islands will be able to implement the tracking app in a week – La Provincia

The case tracking app of coronavirus of the Government of Spain, Radar Covid, can be implemented throughout the Canary Islands within a week -the August 10-, earlier than in the rest of the country. This has been confirmed by the Secretary of State for Digitization and Artificial Intelligence, Carme Artigas, in a telematic press conference held this morning, which has considered its implementation as a pilot in La Gomera a complete success in July. The general director of Public Health, Quality and Innovation of the Ministry of Health, Pilar Aparicio, has also expressed in this regard, who has considered that both the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands may be interested in urgently implementing this method of tracking due to the large influx tourist of both regions.

“We are defining a first phase of implementation in an emergency mode on August 10,” said Ortigas, who, in turn, stressed that some 3 autonomous communities, including the Balearic and Canary Islands, may join, and “some” in the one that regrowth is already evident. In any case, the communities must agree on its early implementation, a detail that will be defined in the coming days in the meetings that the communities will have with the Ministry of Health. This urgent plan also includes application translation into English before August 15 as a complement to “critical” tourist areas in Spain.

For the rest of the regions the application eIt will be available from September 15, as confirmed by the Secretary of State. It will have already established some improvements for the application, such as the possibility that the user can be redirected directly to the telephone of the telephone switchboard of the trackers of the region when it is close contact. “It is a month earlier than we initially planned, we have advanced the deadlines due to the current situation,” Artigas has alleged.

Double the number of contacts

Through the use of the app, during this period in La Gomera it has been possible to detect twice the close contacts that are normally achieved by manual trackers in the Canary Islands. And it is that if in the Archipelago the Primary Care and the team of specific trackers usually detect an average of 3.4 contacts for each positive case, with the application of this index -of the highest in Spain- has increased to 6.4.

“It is a useful complement,” said Artigas, who also stressed that its use “can help to incorporate more manual PCR.” “The app sees more than us, it is faster than us and it has a better memory”, he concluded, hinting that it manages to ‘remember’ even those people who we have come across but who do not usually remember because we do not usually have a close relationship with they.

For his part, Aparicio has stated that Radar Covid is going to be a “complementary tool to trackers” that, based on the application data, they will be able to interview these contacts, skipping some initial steps and speeding up the case detection process.


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