The Canary Islands want to prevent the Islands from passing to level 3 at Easter

The Canary Islands want to avoid including the Islands in level 3 risk during Holy Week, essentially to avoid having to close them perimeter during this period. But, although “no” is the will of the Canarian executive To toughen the measures, the President of the Government, Ángel Víctor Torres, assures that “Easter is worrying”, so the Executive will remain attentive to how epidemiological data evolve in the coming days.

With the festive period less than two weeks away and Tenerife increasing its volume of positives at a rate of 40% weekly, the Governing Council to be held this Thursday will be decisive for the Archipelago. In fact, the president affirmed yesterday, in statements to the SER collected by Europa Press, that it will be a “very important” Governing Council because, in addition, the final decisions will be adopted for these holidays.

Tenerife is, today, the only island where the epidemic continues to advance at a high rate, while in the rest it has stabilized. Tenerife accumulates 717 cases of coronavirus at the beginning of the week, which represents an increase of 44% compared to the previous week. In addition, four of its indicators are at the red level, that is, high risk. These are incidence at 14 days seen for those older than 65 years; 7-day incidence seen in the general population and over 65 years of age, as well as the percentage of occupation of Covid-19 patients in critical care units.

The president carried out this assessment on the same day that one year has passed since the activation of the state of alarm in Spain caused by the virus, qualifying this time as “the worst year” of life in which after starting 2020, citizens found themselves with “a confinement and with great fear and anguish, which has not yet disappeared.”

Twelve months later, Torres stressed in his statements that “you still cannot lower your guard”, since although there are more and more people vaccinated “and this is the great hope”, there is still “high risk” and contagiousness ” It is important”. People vaccinated with the full schedule number 63,453, which means that another 86,359 have received at least the first dose. In total, 213,255 doses of the three available vaccines have been administered: Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca.


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