The Canary Islands still do not have curricula: "This is how we cannot guide students"

The Canary Islands still do not have curricula: "This is how we cannot guide students"

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The platform of directors and directors of secondary criticizes the delay of Education. They do not know electives or basic aspects of the new baccalaureate modality

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The Ministry of Education of the Canarian Government
has not yet published the new resumes by the application of Lomloe, better known as the Celaá law, and this delay is affecting the centers, especially the institutes, which
they cannot guide students and their families in the choice of optional subjects for the next course because they are unknown or on relevant aspects of the new baccalaureate modality.

The platform of secondary directors and directors of the Canary Islands points out in a letter that the non-publication to date of the curricula at the level of the autonomous community, when since March 30 the Royal Decree establishing the organization and minimum teachings of Secondary Education has been published in the BOE mandatory,
is implying "lack of guidance to students and their families".

«We cannot guide the choice of some subjects that are optional
because we do not know its content. For example, in the third year of ESO with the new subjects, communicated just a few days ago, Culture and Digital Citizenship or Personal and Social Economy and the same thing happens as soon as
attention to students who do not take the subject of Religionwe only have the very general notions of the royal decree », they point out in a letter signed by Hermelindo Suárez Quintana and Francisco José Santana González as representatives of the platform.

And they give another example of how the delay in curricula affects: in Baccalaureate there is a new modality, the General, "of which we cannot guide students on issues that are very important to them and their families
such as which careers it is aimed at, or, which higher-level training cycles it gives preference to»adds the writing.

In addition, the centers do not know the content of some subjects, such as General Mathematics, and how it differs from Mathematics in other high schools. "These are issues that will determine the medium-term future of our students," highlights the platform.

"It is frustrating for us not to be able to answer these questions when students come to us for answers," the text adds.

no planning

The delay in the publication of the curricula entails in turn
“planning delay” of the centers. Thus, the platform of directors of the islands explains that "the didactic programs of the departments will suffer a considerable delay, the new subjects must be prepared and that entails important work, it is not improvised."

"Each class that is taught carries a laborious creation process behind it, so that it is attractive to students and favors their teaching-learning process," they say.

They also affect that
there are subjects that do not know to which department they will be assigned or they do not know “the number of electives that the centers can teach in the first year of high school”.

of the most retarded

“We are aware that it is a laborious job,
but there are autonomous communities that are more advanced In this aspect, why not us? », asks the platform.

In addition, as a general reflection, those responsible for secondary schools in the Canary Islands emphasize that
«The implementation of a new educational law implies an important curricular change that must be done with time and in a planned mannerthe law should be disseminated among the educational community, inform, prepare and even train teachers so that they can face this new challenge, because otherwise, we would be starting the house from the roof, even the authors themselves say so of the law".

Samples of books "with hardly any Canarian content"

The delay in the publication of the new educational curricula also affects teaching material. The platform of directors and directors explains that "the centers inform the families of the textbooks, on paper or digital, for the next course and currently of the samples that arrive from the different publishers, they have hardly contemplated Canarian content because they also they do not know it, and the ideal would be to choose with this content already included”, they highlight.

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