The Canary Islands start the week with 17,143 active covid cases more than the previous one

Canarias starts the week with 17,143 active cases more than coronavirus than the previous. In fact, in the Archipelago There are already 66,286 patients suffering from the condition, 35% more than those registered until last Monday, January 3, when the count of positives marked a total of 49,143. As reported by the Regional Ministry of Health of the Executive, The region added 2,584 infections of the microorganism and six deaths linked to its effects on Monday. The deceased, who were between 59 and 83 years old, were in hospital admission and suffered from previous pathologies.

Considering the data disaggregated by islands, Tenerife added 886 cases; Gran Canaria 1,203; Lanzarote 204; Fuerteventura 174; La Palma 82; La Gomera 26; and El Hierro nine.

Of the 66,286 patients in the autonomous community, 33,150 are in Tenerife, which is currently the island most affected by the incidence of the virus. Gran Canaria follows, with 23,119; Lanzarote, with 4,540; Fuerteventura, with 3,594; La Palma, with 1,510; La Gomera, with 230; and El Hierro, with 135.

99.1% of those affected –65,733– experience the pathology at home. However, in Canarian hospitals there are 485 patients admitted to Covid plants - five more than in the previous 24 hours - and 68 in critical areas - three more. It should be noted that since the last count, 1,591 epidemiological discharges have been issued, so the count of recovered already amounts to 120,805.

Since the beginning of the crisis, health workers have performed 2,867,610 diagnostic tests, of which 7,573 were performed on Sunday –1,621 less than the day before.

In order to promote the vaccination campaign, Health incorporated since Monday military personnel assigned by the Ministry of Defense. Based on the information released by the administration itself, nine of these professionals - nurses, assistants and emergency technicians - have joined the Infecar teams and another nine have joined the Tenerife Fairgrounds.

Likewise, the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the official Associations of Pharmacists of Las Palmas and Santa Cruz de Tenerife, has authorized the pharmacy offices the issuance of the Covid certificate to decongest health centers and make it easier for the population to obtain this document. Interested persons must present their ID and, in the case of requesting it for a third party, it will be necessary to show the identification document of the person requesting it so that who makes the request can be registered. For now, pharmacies will only issue certificates for people residing in the Islands.

Based on the latest figures managed by the Canary Islands Government department, and which correspond to the end of last Sunday, the inoculation teams have already managed to administer 3,883,592 doses of the vaccines. Until that moment, 1,694,978 people had completed the guideline, which represents 80.8% of the target population of the Archipelago.

Specifically, among the pediatric population between 5 and 11 years old, 50,896 injections have been inoculated, so that 37.2% of the members of this age group already have the first dose of Pfizer serum.

Blood donation grows

The Canarian Institute of Hemodonation and Hemotherapy (ICHH), dependent on the Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands, added a total of 66,560 donations in 2021, 5.64% more than in 2020, a period in which 63,007 were counted . In this way, during the past year, and despite the new onslaught of the coronavirus, the ICHH recovered the level of donations of 2018, the year prior to the current health pandemic. As for apheresis donations, these also increased, from 3,444 in 2020 to 3,698 in 2021. The president of the ICHH, Teresa Gutiérrez, was very satisfied with the data obtained. "In 2021 we have managed to remain self-sufficient in donating blood and blood products, and we have been able to meet hospital demands, despite the difficulties presented," he said.


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