The Canary Islands seek to become a "digital laboratory" for tourism

The Canary Islands seek to become a "digital laboratory" for tourism


The Minister of Economy, Elena Máñez, considers that the islands meet the necessary conditions to build the first Technological Center of the archipelago

Canary Islands aspires to have the first
Technology Center of the archipelago, and the first in Spain for the
research and innovation of the tourism sector.

The islands already have a powerful data asset, coming from tourism companies, such as hotels and travel agencies, that operate in the territory, which makes the archipelago a strategic place to test and implement new technologies and trends in tourism cybersecurity, digitization of experiences or artificial intelligence, among others.

digital lab and of
artificial intelligencewhich the Government and businessmen want to launch through the
Next Generation Funds from the EU.

Canarias Living Lab', as a unique project within the six tractor sectors on which the Canarian Government and employers are working to prioritize European aid, is divided into four research areas: tourist behavior intelligence, employee behavior intelligence, behavior intelligence of the augmented tourist/teleportation, and finally, the intelligence of the augmented employee/cyborgs or employees 4.0. All of them with the aim of achieving
the transformation of the tourism sector towards a smarter model.

"We have the necessary conditions and knowledge to lead worldwide, from the Canary Islands and together with the rest of Spain, the research and development of the tourism sector, exploiting the use of artificial intelligence and disruptive and enabling technologies of human behavior," says the Minister of Economy, Elena Máñez.

A living laboratory, which will allow, through data collection, to develop
experimental models and predictive in the tourism field, from the perspective of the client and the employee of the sector.

The results of the project will mean the initial start of a virtuous circle of intelligence capabilities, which will be shared not only by hotels, travel agencies or tourist centers but by the entire business fabric of the Canary Islands, thus enabling economic diversification through R+ D+i,
digitization and intelligence.

For the president of the Canarian Confederation of Entrepreneurs, Pedro Ortega, "the injection of European funds will mean for the Canary Islands the greatest
economic challenge and social of its history.

He also adds, “we must take advantage of this unique opportunity and make a firm commitment to R&D&i as the backbone of economic development. Only then can we
be competitive in the global market».

A project that already has the support of the two public universities in the Canary Islands and 16 other Spanish universities, and the global giant Amadeus, a leading company in technological solutions for the travel sector.

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