The Canary Islands say goodbye to November with cold, rainfall and storms

The Meteorology Statal Agency is monitoring an Atlantic storm that was located to the west of the Canary Islands and the north of Madeira on Monday, which combined with a series of cells associated with the subtropical jet located south of the archipelago could leave some significant rainfall records, especially as of Thursday, with a higher incidence on the islands of La Palma and Tenerife.

However, waiting for the evolution and with the caution typical of longer-term forecasts, for the moment the state agency draws a few cloudy skies for today Tuesday in the first half of the day, which will be covered as they pass the hours, with the possibility of weak rains in the interior of the islands of greater relief, and without ruling out “that may be locally moderate”, all with falling temperatures, more typical of the season if one takes into account that yesterday Monday, the maximums in the last week of November were around 26 degrees Celsius in the capital of Gran Canaria, according to data collected at the weather station in the San Cristóbal neighborhood.

The rains may fall intensely on the islands of La Palma and Tenerife in the next few hours


For tomorrow, Wednesday, a transition day is expected, with similar temperatures and some occasional light rain, and on Thursday it will give way to the possibility of occasionally strong showers, accompanied by winds that can become strong at the end of the day in the higher elevations. highlands of the islands of La Palma and Tenerife.

The passage of the front associated with this storm from the west towards the islands of the eastern province will be more noticeable in this last area as of next Friday, when the cocktail of overcast skies and moderate showers that may be occasionally strong is completed with storms. and a southwest wind that may blow strongly, with its consequent drop in temperatures.

At the moment, a Saturday is expected in which the rains will continue but with a tendency to decrease in intensity, according to the state agency, although on Sunday the showers will continue in the north of the more mountainous islands but without significant temperature changes. In any case, the rains will continue on the northern slopes until at least Wednesday, December 1.


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