The Canary Islands registers 622 new cases of covid and two deaths this Tuesday

The total of accumulated cases In the Canary Islands it already exceeds 70,000: it is 70,614 with 8,756 active, of which 56 are admitted to the ICU and 319 remain hospitalized.

The Cumulative Incidence at 7 days in the Canary Islands it stands at 200.42 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and at 14 days at 351.62 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

To date, 1,739,081 have been carried out diagnostic tests in the Islands, of which 7,971 correspond to yesterday.

Data by islands

Tenerife This Tuesday adds 346 positives with a total of 33,631 accumulated cases and 5,399 epidemiologically active; Gran canaria it has 26,416 accumulated, 232 more, and 2,613 assets. For its part, Lanzarote adds 13 positives, with 5,946 accumulated and 163 active; Fuerteventura It has 3,102 accumulated cases, with six more than the previous day, and 383 active. La Palma adds 13 new cases, so it has 813 accumulated and its assets are 152; El Hierro, with no new cases, maintains its accumulated at 408 and has 10 assets, while La Gomera adds 12 positives, so you have 297 accumulated and 36 assets.

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07 19 2021 15:16

Gran canaria has 183 more cases this Monday, and 2,505 active. For its part, Lanzarote adds eight positives, with 5,933 accumulated and 154 assets; Y Fuerteventura has 3,096 accumulated cases, with 32 more than the previous day, and 378 active.

07 19 2021 15:16

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07 19 2021 12:10

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07 19 2021 12:10

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07 19 2021 12:10

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07 19 2021 12:09

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07 19 2021 12:07

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