January 19, 2021

The Canary Islands register 263 new infections in the last hours

The Canary Islands register 263 new infections in the last hours

The Canary Islands register 263 new infections in the last hours

The Ministry of Health of the Government of Canary Islands states today provisionally 263 new cases of coronavirus. The total of accumulated cases in the Canary Islands is 29,361. At the moment, provisionally, there have been no deaths this weekend from Covid-19.

By islands, Tenerife Today it adds 72 new cases, so its accumulated amount to 14,301. Gran Canaria registers 87 new cases and 11,397 accumulated. Lanzarote adds 58 new cases with 1,876 accumulated, while Fuerteventura, with 32 new cases, it has 1,147 accumulated. La Palma adds four new cases, placing the accumulated at 326. La Gomera it adds five new cases and its accumulated stand at 207. El Hierro adds five new cases, with 105 accumulated.

The Ministry of Health recalls that these data are provisional, since the Alerts and Emergencies Coordination Center does not receive epidemiological information from the Autonomous Communities on weekends and holidays, so today there will be no communication of complete data nor will the information be updated Grafcan website, but these provisional data that will be reviewed and consolidated according to the protocols. The daily update will be active again tomorrow, Monday, January 11.

Echedo socio-health center

Health reports that the five cases reported in El Hierro affect residents of the Echedo socio-sanitary center and have been detected in the last screening carried out in this nursing home. The El Hierro Health Services Management, in coordination with the El Hierro Cabildo, has reinforced with a doctor and a nurse the health monitoring and sectorization measures in the face of the Covid-19 outbreak reported in this center, with a total than 20 people affected. Of these, 3 are workers and 17 residents, of which one died and two remain in hospital.

Initiation of vaccination of health personnel

Health recalls that this Monday, January 11, the vaccination of health personnel in charge of caring for Covid-19 will begin, which makes up group II of the National Vaccination Strategy in Spain, which establishes the chronological priority order of the groups population to be vaccinated.

COVID vaccination at the San Nicolás de Bari socio-sanitary center, in Gran Canaria LP / DLP

During the weekend vaccinations continued in the Canary Islands, administering a total of 11,868 vaccines since the beginning of the vaccination, 68% of the target population of the first group. In this first stage, the vaccination of the residents and staff working in the social health centers is already being finalized and, in parallel, it continues with the health professionals, both from Primary Care and Hospitals who work on the first line of care for COVID- 19.

The forecast of the Canary Islands Health Service is to end next Thursday, January 14, vaccination in social and health centers. In those islands such as Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and La Palma in which the target group of the social health centers has already been vaccinated, the vaccination of health professionals has already begun, which has continued this weekend.

To give continuity to the Vaccination Plan, the Canary Islands Health Service has been training nursing professionals since December in the specificities of the administration of the new vaccines. In total, to date, 655 nurses from the Canary Islands Health Service have been trained who usually work in the vaccination services of Primary and Specialized Care. Of the total, 545 are responsible for vaccination of Primary Care, who in turn will train their respective teams in the health centers, and the rest are Specialized Care nurses.


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